Perfect Shades for the Study room

(Last Updated On: February 25, 2017)
Shades for study room
Study room decor

Choosing the colors to paint your home walls is not an easy task. Each room in the home meets a specific need and simultaneously a color is associated to it. When it comes to study rooms, we must first look at the requirements for it. Like its name suggest it is a place to study or meticulously work at some things in a seated position. This requires concentration and a calm and peaceful environment to work in.

In order to provide such an environment it is best to go with the color green for the walls of the study room. This is in accordance to Feng Shui studies. This helps in concentration. If there are children at home ten a study room is also related to fun so yellow colors on the wall also go appropriately. Care should be taken to take a lighter shade when choosing color for your walls as it saves up lighting expenses.

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