Old Furniture Restoration Tips

(Last Updated On: February 20, 2017)
Old furniture transferred top the new one
Old furniture painted with the new one

Like everything else in our life, our old furniture cannot escape time skipping from its hands. Be it the cupboard that has already dulled, a coffee table comprising of its water rings, or the pillows of your sofa depicting shabby look. While most of people take it as the identification of” out with the old one and in with the newer ones” Well, for the home owners planning of saving on purchasing new furniture. Better choice is to opt for old furniture restoration. You can save a lot more of money and time by following the tips on old furniture restoration. Old furniture restoration tips states offers preservation on your furniture to its former glory.

Tips on old furniture restoration:

Make the use of a cotton swab and walnut:

Walnut used for fixing the cracks
Wooden surface repaired by using a walnut

Start the process by using a cotton swab, dipped into the moist coffee grounds, and apply it on the scratches observed on your wooden furniture. Apply it and rest it for 10 to 15 minutes. Wipe it off by using a dry cotton towel. It helps in cleaning the surface up to its extent. This works best especially for the darker shade of wooden furniture.

And for light colored wooden furniture, simply you need to rub the walnut over the scratched areas. Let it rest for some while before you head ahead for wiping it off. It’s advisable of wiping it off by using a dry cloth.

Mixture of oil and vinegar:

Oil and vinegar Polish for furniture
Solution of oil and vinegar for wooden furniture

If you’re old furniture is affected by stubborn stains and it’s not going to go away easily, walk ahead for cleaning it making the mixture of both oil and vinegar. Make the use of white vinegar for three fourth cup and one fourth cup of canola oil and mix it well with each other. It’s advisable of using a cotton microfiber for cleaning the affected areas.

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Apply the prepared solution on the affected areas of your old furniture. Let it rest for some time and rinse it properly by using a microfiber cotton cloth. After some time, you’ll observe that the stubborn stains are fading away slowly, and it offers better regaining process with its luster to your old furniture.

Use of nail polish and sandpaper:

If you observe any cracks or your old furniture‘s varnish is damaged, but the applied paint is still very much intact, it’s very easy in fixing it by using a clear nail polish for the same. Start by applying the nail polish to the damaged areas or on the cracks and let it rest say for 10 to 15 minutes. After applying the clear nail polish to its surface and letting it dry, make the use of sandpaper for flattening the areas and the cracks unless and until it regain its shine.

Apply wallpaper on the old furniture:

Wallpaper applied on the wooden table
Wooden table covered with a wallpaper

Some of the old furniture becomes damaged beyond the conventional repairs, say for example due to deep stains and scratches. Well, for the home owners a great solution of getting rid of this situation is by covering the surface of the old furniture using wallpaper.

It helps in giving a total new look to your old furniture. Simply, you need to cut the wallpaper into the size of the furniture and its surfaces. Make the use of wooden glue and apply it to the wood by using a paint brush. Apply it and gently place the wallpaper on to the glue applied. Once the wallpaper is set, make the use of a ruler for pushing the presence of air bubbles out of the way that might had got trapped under the wallpaper sticked on the wooden surface of your old furniture.

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Shine it with olive oil:

Is your wooden furniture lost its shine due to sun damage or using it for years? Well, according to me, you can easily give it a cheap try of repairing. A non-toxic polish is the right solution for cleaning your old wooden furniture to its best. It helps in protecting the old wooden furniture and grasping its shine and luster back.

All you require is to apply is the olive oil on the wooden piece of furniture. Doing forget to make the use of microfiber cotton cloth for cleaning them. Let olive oil rest for some while and clean it gently from the surface of the furniture. Sit back and watch out your old furniture pieces shines like new again.

Coconut oil for restoring wooden furniture:

Confused of what to use for restoring the paint of your old wooden furniture? If you’re having a wooden piece of furniture which has lost more of its colored surface, well there’s no need of repainting again because you can easily get its glow back by using coconut oil. Just make the use of small amount of coconut oil and apply it on a piece of cotton cloth.

Take the piece of dampen cloth by coconut oil and rub it on the wooden surface affected in a circular motion. You’ll easily notice how the deep colors of your old furniture returns. Surplus to that, the coconut oil helps in adding up a different layer of protection to your wooden furniture.

Furniture repair marker:

Shades of furniture repair markers
Different markers for furniture repair

In the case of stubborn stains, deep scratches and cracks observed in your wood, well, there’s good news for the home owners. Special furniture repair markers are available in the market. It functions in varied criteria for the home owners. But there are certain things to be kept in mind like make sure that the marker matches up with the colors of your wooden furniture. It’s advisable of testing it by applying on the affected area on your old furniture. Make sure it’s of similar colors because if the marker is not matched with the color of your furniture, it might differential the look and the appearance too. It’s advisable of not applying the furniture repair marker on the areas that are not affected by any cracks or deep cuts. It might increase the tendency of disturbing it more as compared to before.

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Following these tips helps the home owners in effectively taking over your old furniture to offer a brand new look.

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