Office Renovation: Tips and Tricks

(Last Updated On: February 22, 2017)
office renovation tips
ways of office renovation

Office renovation is lot more than just re-carpeting or repainting your office space. Long term planning goes into the process as you don’t have any intentions to repeat it very often. If you have ever remodeled your home, you might have an idea how stressful is the task of renovation. Opting for office renovation is an amazing way to revitalize your space, giving a fresh look and renewed energy to your business. It involves a big list before even starting the project. When you decide to go for renovating your office, you must prepare an office renovation checklist and also start collecting office renovation images. Opt for some magazines to collect office renovation images. You can even find them on the internet and see which things can be implemented in your office. Collecting office renovation images will give you a stock of office renovation ideas and office renovation designs which can help you through the process. One of the major things to be considered along with all these things is office renovation expenses. If you are opting for major changes then office renovation expenses can go really high. So be prepared for it. At the initial stage of office renovation project plan, you must have a basic estimate of office renovation cost. While you are collecting office renovation ideas, make sure you collect it according to your office space. Say for example if you are having small office, then you should consider collecting small office renovation ideas as big office renovation ideas are not going to fit in with your area and space. If you are having budget issues, then you should opt for cheap office renovation ideas which can fit in with your budget and also your office style. If you are considering turning out an empty box into your dream office then here are some of the office renovation tips to make the process easier and stress free.

Office renovation tips

  • Choose your style

Choosing office style
Deciding office style

Before you take your first sledge hammer or hire any office renovation companies or open that first paint can, it’s better you have your style goals pre decided in your mind. Do you want to stay intact to the building history or you want to give modern touch or you want to keep it rustic or eclectic or shabby chic or want to go for industrial look. If you start your office renovation project without having clear vision of your style, it will be difficult for you to make choice about fixtures, furniture, lay out and much more. Worse thing is that you will redo those portions of office which are already done as you realize your choices and your preferences. Chances of getting confused are very much high while you don’t have a pre decided mindset for the style of office renovation you want to opt for.

  • Identify the reason for renovation

Get to know the driving point of your office renovation. Do you need technology upgrades in your office? Do you need facility renovations? Do you need cosmetic refreshers or you need functional space changes? These factors are essential to consider as all have their different costs. Define the primary reason for your renovation so you can match up your budget estimates with it. Setting a budget for carpet and drywall paint when you actually need fiber optic cabling can end up giving you unrealistic budget and unnecessary changes.

  • Put up a team

Team for office renovation
Reliable team for office renovation

None of us want a committee for the project of office renovation but what you need is a team which can co-operate and collaborate on your office renovation. Even very simple thing like replacing the office chairs needs some thought and some research. By putting a team together, the fear of missing something will be reduced. It is really exciting to order a conference room table till someone from the team reminds to measure the doorways and figure out that it won’t fit through. Having a good team for office renovation will enable you to catch such small details.

  • Decide your starting point

Where to start from is one of the most complicated things to decide. Check whether the office is sound? Are all facilities, HVAC, electrical are appropriate and in accordance with local codes. It’s really upsetting to discover coat of lead paints on the wall or asbestos in ceiling half way to the office renovation.

  • Prepare for the worst

For any kind of renovation, whether it is for home or for office, it is advised that you must have a budget 10% more than what you have set or decided to spend. Emergency and unplanned contingencies always arise in such projects. Opting for a good inspection will always alert you about most of the potential problems but there are some blocks which might not come across you till the time you start demolishing. This will usually be seen in older offices which are layered with renovations. Take some time and research about the time period in which your office was built. Also know when it was first constructed and when previous renovations were completed. This will also make you aware about the issues like lead paint, asbestos which can create problem for your office renovation.

  • Be patient

Your building might be having the best location or layout but transforming it into a workable and safe office can take a bit longer than what you think. You need to be patient and wait calmly till the time your office renovation is completed. If this is going to take more time and you need to work then you can consider work from home or you can also consider shifting to a new office for temporary period of time. Big changes take more time to be incorporated and you have to accept this fact.

  • Work with what you have

It’s not always about making big changes while office renovation. Sometimes, small changes can also do the magic. It’s not always necessary to break all the old things and fill the place with every new thing while doing office renovation. Try and figure out some easy ways, where you don’t need to break the old things, instead you can modify them and use them. Think about repairs instead of right away replacement while doing your office renovation. Work out some office renovation design which fits in with the figure and features of your existing office condition and you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars extra.

  • Sell what you can

When you are getting rid of the old materials, make sure you think ahead of the time. It might be really quick to smash unwanted thing with a sledge hammer and get rid of it, but here you are losing a chance to earn money which can supplement you in your office renovation project. Fixtures, tile, stone, old appliances needs a little care for removal and you can get extra income by finding the right buyer for those stuffs. Check out the scrap businesses and local salvage and get to know what they are willing to pay for copper pipes and such other metal wastage. By selling off these extra things, you will get added income and cover some of your office renovation expenses.

  • Be choosy

Make sure you give a bit rest to your budget and your eyes. It’s not necessary that every inch of space is luxury priced or attention grabbing. Don’t underestimate the power of paint. Paint is considered to be most affordable update and it can be used for transforming anything starting from the walls to the fixtures and also to the furniture. Also consider the thrill of thrifting. Yes of course, thrifting can be time consuming and you have to wade through lots of junks but it can lead you to a hidden treasure. If one of the change you are considering while your office renovation project is on is to add an art piece and you can’t afford any big shot professional then you can consider going to local school or college art displays. There you can find young locals with talents intending to work for less money for getting professional exposure and experience.

  • Prepare a realistic schedule

Basically, you should opt for your office renovation during the time of off season so that stoppage of work will not impact the business of your company a lot. You should take into account seasonal business fluctuations, major project timelines and also availability of contractors. While considering the time for office renovation, don’t forget to take into account all these things.

  • Consider going for green investment

While undertaking office renovation, check for areas which can be given green touch. Go for energy efficient windows if possible. Opt for LED lighting instead of fluorescent lighting. Going for a green office, while office renovation, can also attract buyers in future. Green office renovations also add up to the reputation of the company, and make it more worthwhile.

  • Thinking long term

Office renovation project is not such a thing which is undertaken very often. It’s a time consuming and costly process and hence you need to think wisely before doing any major changes. Take a thought on how your business will look like in next five or ten years and plan your office renovation keeping that thing in mind. Needs of office are likely to change in short term and you have to go through the process all over again. To avoid any such expensive thing, make changes which can be acceptable for long period of time.

  • Focus on natural lighting

Natural lighting in office
Office having natural lighting

As you and your team spent quite lot of time in the office and hence it’s better if you keep the place very much natural. To keep it natural, ensure that there is plenty of inflow of natural lights enlightening the room and making it look beautiful. Go for installing larger windows, large ventilation units and also transparent roofs.

  • Aesthetics and appeal

Hiring office renovation contractor or opting for office renovation companies can be costly thing but its benefits are also worth considering. Customers will definitely appreciate the look of your transformed office and they will keep on coming back. One of the other benefits is reduced costs. Allowing plenty of natural lights in the office will lead to lowering of the electricity bills and hence reducing costs in long run.

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These were office renovation tips which must be followed while you are undertaking such a renovation project. By following these tips you will come to know what to do while renovating your office but what about what you should not do while renovating your office. This is your DOs and DONTs laundry list. When you are inexperienced with such renovation things, there are higher chances of making a mistake which shouldn’t have occurred resulting in a regret later. You might be thinking you don’t need to worry about all these things if you opt for office renovation contractor or office renovation companies but it is not the case. Many a times the project runs too much out of budget due to some mistakes and you have no one to blame for it except for yourself for not paying proper heed and attention. Renovating your office can change both its look and its functions. Thus it is very important to opt for reliable contractor as he can make your office from nothing to something. On a contrary opting for a not so good renovation contractor can also be very much risky. Follow these tips and suggestion on how to avoid office renovation mistakes and to keep your office safe from disasters and blunders of renovation.

Office renovation mistakes to avoid

  • Poor budgeting

Poor budgeting is by far most common types of mistake which majority of the people and contractors do while undertaking the project of renovating their office. Renovating your office is an expensive thing and it can easily exhaust all your savings if you have not properly financed or budgeted it. Sometimes, once you start renovating your office and undertake things like installing new lights, replacing old furniture with the new one and just in the middle of the project from where you cannot even turn back, you need additional money. Here even if you can’t afford you have to put in extra money as the work is in the half way. To avoid such kind of situations, take your time and check out for reputable office renovation companies which can give you exact estimate of the amount of money which will be needed for the entire renovation project. It is advisable to not to rely on the estimate of cost done by you specifically if it is a large project. Instead get estimate from two to three companies or contractors and that too reliable and reputable one so that you are aware of the money you have to put in and whether you can afford it or not.

  • Wrong contractor

Office renovation contractor
Contractor for office renovation

When searching for contractors, you will be available with plenty of contractors to choose from. And this makes the choosing of contractor even more difficult. You will come across with many contractors who will promise you with quality services and when the results come by they are hell disappointing. Therefore it is important you search for contractor who delivers the quality they promised. By doing so even though you have to pay some bucks extra, at least you will get your desired result. You will get to see your old and boring office to be transformed into a whole new, trendy and modern look. This will in turn attract more clients and all the extra cost you made in paying to a highly reputed contractor will be reimbursed. It doesn’t matter how extensive your renovation work is, it is extremely essential to hire a contractor who is bonded, licensed and insured.

  • Bad design

For having a successful office renovation, the work must be a combination of both functional aspect and aesthetic aspect to be satisfied at the end. There are many contractors who will focus only on the functional aspect which in turn hurts the design. Hence, it is very much important to see how the renovation will affect your office decor. The contractor must be intelligent enough to find a way out to combine both the looks and functions. He can opt for making changes in the color pellets and also the designs surrounding the place.

  • Don’t try to take shortcuts

People must know that any of the renovation projects will take time for getting the best results. Hence, it is really not advisable to take speedy steps and hasten the process. This can ruin your whole work, if one wrong decision is taken. If you cannot manage the renovation work and the office work altogether then it is better to delay the renovation instead of taking shortcuts and risking the whole place.

  • Not getting a permit

Any of the office remodeling ideas, which you are going to implement must be according to the laws of that local place. Also see whether you need to take any permit for changes you are going to make and if yes, then do you have one or not? When you think that you will never be caught even if you don’t have the permission, can be really a negative point when you want to resell your office. It is advisable to get the permits if the law says so.

  • Opting for the lowest bid

It is acceptable that it is a big project and an expensive one and hence whenever you see any opportunity to save money you will definitely jump for it. When you see any cheap deal around, you always get attracted towards that. But remember, cheap things can prove way too much expensive in the long run. It can be possible that you get such poor services that you need repair within few months after renovation. Choose the contractor who gives qualitative services even at higher price and the one you are comfortable with instead of going for the one who offers less price.

  • Going for DIY route

Trust me, office renovation is not a kind of project to try for DIY. You cannot mess with your office as there are plenty of people you have to deal with in your office. If anything goes wrong when trying DIY, it can really create a bad image of yours in the eyes of clients.

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Office renovation being such an essential project, you must make proper research to ensure best results without any mess. See what you need to do while renovating your office and don’t forget to put emphasis on what you don’t need to do or the mistakes to avoid.



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