Must Know Tips about Your Air Conditioner

(Last Updated On: February 24, 2017)
How to care about Air Conditioner
Basic facts about air conditioner

Nowadays the usage of air conditioner has increased to a great extent. This is because heat is increased to a great extent and summer has become unbearable without air conditioner. Because of excessive use of air conditioner, you must be spending a lot on electricity bills. Even more than what you are supposed to spend on it. To reduce these bills you must pay proper attention towards your air conditioner. For making it work efficiently and run it in good condition, you must maintain it and take good care of it. It will also help you save some of your money. Here are some of the tips to take care of your air conditioner.


  • Change your air filter every 3 months

Changing air filter is very essential part of maintenance just like you change oil of your car; changing filter is similar to that. Without fail you should change your filter in starting of summer. Not only in the start of summer but after that also should you change it every 3 months. If you reside in an area which very windy and or where there is construction or you are a person having certain allergies then you need to replace more often for your own safety. While you are replacing your air filter, there will be an arrow shown on the side which indicates the direction to place your air filter. This arrow indicates the direction in which the air flows         into the unit through the filter.

  • Buy pleated filters

If you can afford you should definitely spend some of the dollars to purchase pleated synthetic filters and not to purchase the cheap one fiberglass filters. You should definitely go for the better filter for better price.

  • Check out whether your air conditioner is cooling efficiently or not

You should check regularly that your air conditioner is working in the way it is suppose to work or not. It can measure by the temperature of the air which is blowing out of the vent comparing with the temperature of the air which is going back the air vent. The standard difference between both of them should be 15 to 18 degrees. If the difference is higher than it indicates that there is an issue of clogging in the air filter. If the difference in temperature is lower than it denotes that there is an issue of your ac being low on Freon. Both of the above situation means that extra amount of electricity is consumed and it is not good, it’s the time for maintenance of your air conditioner.

  • Set your thermostat at normal temperature

You should not turn up your thermostat all the way down. By doing it is not going to help you to cool your house with good speed. It will make your air conditioner to work for longer period of time.

  • Protect your ducts

If you are renovating your home and you are knocking down your walls then you should protect your air conditioner as there is chances that dust gets into the ducts and destroy your unit. You should tape your air filters temporarily over the return air vents on your walls. This will prevent dust from getting into air duct.

  • Clean your outside unit generally

Dirt, dust and debris built up on your unit. This thing blocks the airflow of your unit and it makes your air conditioner unit to work harder. It creates pressure on your unit. Not more but at least once in a year you should turn the power off use a garden hose and remove the dirt and debris from your air conditioner unit. Clean with water mildly so that it will work more efficiently.

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