Most Common Plumbing Problems

(Last Updated On: February 24, 2017)
Common Plumbing problems
Usual Plumbing problems

None of the home is such which are free of problems. Each and every home has some or the other issue in the home. If your home is such which is having plumbing problem then you are not alone having plumbing problems to deal with in your house. There are certain common plumbing problems which most of the people face. These plumbing problems are common but yet not that simple and easy to tackle. To tackle such plumbing problems you need to call experts and these issues solved. Here are some of these common plumbing problems which should detect and take care of.

  • Clogged drains

Are you facing issue of your kitchen sink not draining effectively after you are done with your dishes? Or you are having an issue of bathroom sink clogging while you are shaving or brushing? If yes then you are having the most common plumbing problem and that is clogged drains. Drains are such part of your home which is very frequently used and thus they become the victim of wear and tear. Many times it goes out of mind and you flush big items through your drain and these big items get stuck in the middle and this causes the clog. Usually this type of plumbing problem can be fixed with the help of plunger. Plunger causes suction and it helps to unclog the stuck item and your drain is free of clog. If you are doing it with the sink then first of all fill the sink with water and then plunge up and down, it will remove the stuck and make your drain clog free.

  • Clogged toilet

Clogged toilet is one of the unpleasant plumbing problems to deal with. Just like the drain gets clogged up, your toilet can also get clogged if something large is flushed into the toilet. It can also get clogged if waste is built up in the toilet. Being an unpleasant work also, if you want to fix it yourself without calling an expert you can do so. Like drain clogging only, you can use plunger for clearing out clog. If this does not work then you can use a snake tool. It will help you to navigate into the pipes; it will release any clog which is jammed. If you are not able to deal with it you can call expert.

  • Leaky faucets

Are your faucets leaking every time? How much tightly, you fix your faucet it still keeps on dripping. Yes this is also a very common plumbing problem which every home has. There is a lot of wastage of water due to this leaky faucet and the issue is not just waste of water, the standing water can damage your sink. Along with that your water bill also gets high. I am sure you might not be able to accept these expenses and you will run for its solution. Here is the solution, behind leaky faucet; generally the culprit is worn out washer. Check out for the worn out washer and if it is so then replace it with a new one.

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