Modular manufactured home: A cost effective shortcut

(Last Updated On: February 28, 2017)
Modular manufactured home design
Tips on building Modular manufactured home

Modular homes have certain limitations when it comes to customization. A model is bought by an owner with a few specifications. A common and expensive mistake is buying a modular home that does not have enough bathrooms. The ideal house will come with two bathrooms so that a growing family could use it. It also helps at the time of resale. If the manufacturer does not plan it beforehand, it becomes impossible to add another bathroom to these homes.

There are only a few places for customization in these houses. The area of the basement can be renovated. There could be an addition of a second bathroom in the basement area. For this, you will require permits, a contractor and a plumber. These homes are not always permanent. However, they allow an installation of a slab of concrete. These alternative homes are growing in popularity and they are quite cost effective in certain ways.

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