Mistakes to Avoid While working on Your Roof

(Last Updated On: February 24, 2017)
Work on your roof with care
Work on your roof safely

Working on roof is a complicated job, better left it to the professionals only. Experienced professionals also sometimes do mistakes so if an inexperienced person does roofing job it is very difficult consisting of various dangers. The first and foremost danger included in working with roof is the height. Along with the height, another trouble you face while working with your roof is unfamiliarity with tools. As you don’t have habit of working with tools, you find it difficult to use it, especially on height. But still if you are ready to try this or those who have already tried it, here are some of the mistakes you should avoid while you are working on your roof.

  • Wearing wrong footwear

Don’t just wear your slippers and climb up the roof. It can prove to be risky. Put on heavy duty boots with appropriate treads which helps you get good grip on the roof. Your roof can be slippery so even you are climbing up your roof just for checking an issue and not for any repairs then also don’t climb up with your flip flops for comfortability. Wear proper foot wears and ensure your safety.

  • Not asking for help

It would definitely an open invitation to danger if you are on the roof without informing anyone. God forbid if there happens any unplanned consequences, no one will be around to save you out. Worst situation will be when you will be on the roof when no one will be at home and left your phone in the house. Whenever you are on the roof, always keep someone known of your position. Tell your neighbors and family members of your plan. And always keep your phone close to you. So in any problematic situations you can easily give a call and ask for help.

  • Using the wrong tools

It would an extremely irresponsible thing to just take the toolbox and ladder and climb up on the ladder. It’s not necessary that the tools you need would be present in the tool box. Your job may require specific tools. Thus call the hardware store and ask for the type of tool you need for your roofing job. Before applying it directly with the roof, try the tool before use if you haven’t used it before. If the tools you are going to use are power tools then definitely try it before climbing your roof.

  • Start job without direction

It would be a terrible condition if you end up solving your problem by causing another problem. Causing major damage in order to fix a minor one is ridiculous. Thus be double sure before taking any action. Look forward to the problem properly, analyze it in deep, prepare a plan of action as to how to fix it and then take the action. You should be sure about how to fix up the problem whether it be leak issue, ventilation issue or replacement issue. Any work left in between is even more dangerous than not even starting it.

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