Mistakes To Avoid While Choosing A Rug

(Last Updated On: February 20, 2017)
Selecting a rug
Choosing a rug

Rugs are one of the essential home décor items. Many people think that rugs are not much important and they can be bought very easily. However this is very wrong. Just like you focus on buying your window treatment, your flooring, similar importance should be laid while choosing a rug. Many people choose a rug simply and then it doesn’t match up with their room décor and then they regret. There are many things which should be considered while choosing a rug. Ignoring these things will lead to mistakes and even though you bought new, you cannot put it in your home. Choosing a rug depends upon the area where you want to place your rug. There will be different rugs for living room; similarly there will be different rug for your bedroom and different for your bathroom. Choosing a rug and installing it in home serves many purposes, it helps in decorating your home, protecting your flooring from scratches and other damage and saving the things from breaking which falls accidentally. Fluffy rugs can even save you from getting hurt when you fall. A big rug is really very good in home with kids as they tend to fall more and having rugs will not let them hurt. Hence with such multiple uses, you will definitely want to have rugs in your home but be careful as choosing a rug also involves many things to be taken into consideration. Here are some of the major mistakes to avoid while choosing a rug.

  • Choosing a rug that’s very small

Select right sized rug
Choose right sized rug

Now you might be thinking what’s bad in choosing a small rug . Actually if the size of the rug you choose is small, it will also make your room to look small. Now of course you don’t want your room to look small and that you must focus on the size of your rug that you are choosing. If you are having small room, then you should be extra careful while choosing a rug. You need to choose a rug which set boundaries and can appropriately ground your furniture. If you are choosing a rug for your living room then it basically defines the conversation area and hence it should be big enough that front legs of your furniture can be placed on it. If you are choosing a rug for your bedroom then the best place to place them is beside your bed. This is because you want to feel warm when you get off your bed and the rug must be placed beside bed so that your feet comfortable right after you wakes up. You can place rugs on all the sides of your bed if you want to. This will look great and also give comfort whenever you get off your bed from whichever side you want.

  • Not opting for layering

Do layering of your rugs
Layer your rugs

Why do people opt for very small rug? This is because smaller the rug, lesser will be the price. To save up money on rugs, you can go for layering. It will give really good effect to your home. Go for buying a neutral jute rug as it is really very easy to clean. If you are having kids and pets that tend to make your rug often dirty then this rugs are the best fit for your home. Take this rug and put a patterned rug over it and see the final look. This is one of the clever tricks of filling up your home with less money. Going for a huge custom rug can really cost too much instead go for layering and save up some money with just the same look. Generally the edges of rugs must be of 12 to 14 inches from the perimeter of your room. If you are having a narrow and long rug then you might be searching for an option which is affordable. You can go for installing two rugs side by side and join them by using carpet tape this carpet tape is available at any of the hardware store. You can also go for doing wall to wall carpeting bare. Try layering your area rug over your homes carpet. It will add playful look to your room and it will pull all your room together and will also set the boundaries your room needs. Hence layering carpets and rugs are a great combination and you should not be afraid for trying this combination.

  • Select your rug at last

If you are remodeling your room or renovating your room or decorating your room and doing all things from start, choosing a rug should be the last thing in your list.  Many people go for choosing a rug at first only and this is the biggest mistake they make. Rug is considered as that big impactful piece which ties up your whole room together. You cannot choose a rug which dos these functions until all the other things are set. Choose the bed, choose the throw pillows, choose the carpet and the last thing is choosing s rug which combines all this things together.  Don’t get into any hurry while choosing a rug. You can take your own time, select the colors, patterns which go with the décor of rest of the room and then buy the one you think is the best. If you have already chosen a rug first, then try to choose the pillows, curtains and such other things which match up with the curtains.

  • Try different patterns

Trying out different patterns makes your space look really happy and creative. Say for example, white walls, white couch and white rug makes your room look really boring. Instead go for colors and various patterns as it will give fresh and new look to your room. Choosing a rug of right type will also add comfort to your feet as it will save you from slipping and add grip while walking on the floor.

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