Method To Build Welded Wire Fencing

(Last Updated On: April 11, 2017)
Constructing Welded wire fence
Building welded wire fence

There are plenty of types of fencing but you must the one type which is strong, durable and long lasting. Well one of the types of fencing having all these qualities is welded wire fencing. This fencing is great and one of the best things about this fencing is that it can be installed very easily and you can also do it yourself if you are bit knowledgeable and experienced about doing such task and have done something like this before. One of the best things about building welded wire fencing is that you can save up some of your cost if you go for DIY installation. However now you know that building g welded wire fencing is not that difficult buy you need to know that you have to do it in right manner the very first time you do. This is because fixing welded wire fencing is probably not possible. Ensure that you understand each and every thing in detailed manner and go for building welded wire fencing. Check out the process of building welded wire fencing and then decide whether it is your cup of tea or not. If you don’t find it easy enough then don’t take the risk as you are always open with the option of calling a professional and getting the things done in more safe and secure manner. Well there are certain things which need to take care about before building welded wire fencing. One of such things is to collect all the supplies and materials needed in building welded wire fencing. You don’t want to stop your work in the middle and go for fetching any supplies you forgot and then there is delay in your work. Here is a list of things needed for building welded wire fencing.

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List of things

  • Level
  • Strings
  • Gravel
  • Circular saw
  • Post hole digger
  • Deck screws
  • Hatches
  • Gate hinges
  • Concrete
  • Power drill
  • Stakes
  • Tape measure
  • Lumber
  • Welded wire fence rolls

Steps of building welded wire fencing

  • Finding location of post

The first step of building welded wire fencing is to measure the location where you want to place your post. Once you decide the location, you need to measure the corners and mark them with stakes. After that to be sure and avoid possibility of mistakes, recheck your measurements and make sure that the posts are right angled to one another. For getting a clear view of where you8 will run your fence, you can attach a string in between your corner post. Also check and take measurement if you need to install any extra post in between the corners. On an average 7 to 8 feet of distance in between the post would be appropriate but make sure to not to overlap the distance of 10 feet. Mark this post by using stakes along the string line. Make sure that you are marking out one of the sections of the gate.

  • Plant your posts


Adding post for welded wire fence
Post for welded wire fence

Make use of a post hole digger for minimum distance of 2 feet down. If you are deciding to dig deeper then make sure that the posts should be longer for making up the difference based upon how tall you want your fencing. The appropriate height of your posts should be eight feet as it will allow a lot of excess to add on a later stage if you want to. If you are installing the fencing for the very first time in your home then even you won’t like to be extreme tall. Use gravel for filling up the bottom of the hole for drainage so that your posts don’t get rot from the ground. Check put both vertical and horizontal level and after that add up concrete to the hole when someone around you is holding the post in a stagnant manner. Keep a constant check on the concrete level when you are filling it and even after it are filled totally. Allow each of the post to sit for some days or till the time concrete gets set. Check it in periodic manner in the initial 24 hours to ensure that it doesn’t move when it is drying.

  • Add rails


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For adding the top and the bottom rails, you need to measure and cut the boards. If you are not having even terrain then place you bottom rails as close to the ground as possible. Make sure to screw it well while keeping it in proper place. Take measurement of the board from the center to the height where you want the top of the fencing to reach. This is the place where you should be installing rail despite of the fact as to where it sitting on the left and right of the post. Cut and screw down the top of the rail into its proper place.

  • Build welded wire fencing

Start from corner post and then unroll some of the sheets of the welded wire. Ensure that the level of the fencing is proper and then staple it down all the way to make sure that it is laying flat in all the ways. If the excess fencing is not reaching from one post to another post then you have staple it firmly to the last post and then cut the excess fencing off and then start with a new roll. Continue the same process all the way round.

  • Building the gate


Gate building for fencing
Building gate for the fencing

The last step of building welded wire fencing is to build the gate. For building the gate of the welded wire fencing, you will have to measure a section in between two post. Deduct one inch for getting the width of the gate you want to install. This deduction of inch will let the gate open and close flexibly. Take measurement of the height of the gate and cut two boards to fit in between the top and the bottom boards. Attach them together from both sides and both the corners. Cut the length of the board and screw it to the gate.

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