Metal Carport: Installation and Benefits

(Last Updated On: February 21, 2017)
Metal carports in your home
Installation of metal carports

Carports are not a thing which is installed to add beauty to your home, in fact carports are those addition which helps in protection. There are many materials used for carport but metal is considered as more sturdy material for installation. Metal carport is used for protecting or giving shelter to your boat, car or any other vehicle from natural elements. It will save your vehicles from high winds, snow and heavy rains. If you are having a vehicle, then you definitely need metal carport for its protection. Some metal carports are built on the top for securing the foundation while some of them are free standing structures. If you are not having metal carport in your home and you are parking vehicle somewhere out then, you definitely need to install one in your home. Having a metal carport installed is a good investment as it will add a protective structure to your home and it will also increase the life of your vehicle. Having a metal carport installed in your home will also add to the value of your home when you are trying to resale it. If you are thinking to install a metal carport in your home then you can try doing it yourself. You should get a metal carport kits which is helpful in installation which will be having metal carport parts and metal carport depot. Try metal carport installation yourself only if you are a handy person and if you are not, you should probably call a professional and let him deal with this. Here is a step  wise metal carport installation method which can help throughout the process.

Metal carport installation

  • Take necessary permit for building

Metal carport installation needs permit sometimes. Hence, before even start building or installing it, you must check whether you need permit or not. If yes then you must ask your local city planning office to ensure that the building project is up to the code. Making addition on the construction of the residential property can definitely affect the value of the property, making it very essential to clear such projects with the city. In certain areas, you will have a need to build structurally proper buildings having the sign of licensed structural engineer. For getting the permit, you will need to have following things with you.

  • Proof of having ownership of property
  • Permission application worksheet given by the city
  • Drawings of construction
  • Buy necessary building material

installation of metal carport
Installation of metal carport in home

The basic material you need to install metal carport will be metal itself. Other than that the materials you need for metal carport installation depends upon the style and design of the metal carport you have selected. This will also depend upon the type of climate you reside in. Feel free to customize any of the designs and feel free to use any of the materials. You can search for cheap materials but make sure it is durable enough to withstand with the climate circumstances and protect your vehicle the right way. If you are having dry climate then pressure treated lumber would be good fit as it will prove more customizable and more durable in the long run. If you want something cheaper and something which can be quickly and easily installed then galvanized metal carport can be good fit. However, galvanized metal carport can be asking for little bit of maintenance in the long run. If you are in need of cheap and quick place to park your vehicle for daily routine then metal carport is the best fit for you. Make sure to check our metal carport prices before installation. If you are in a hurry and you need instant carport and you are thinking of a DIY project then metal carport installation is the perfect suit for you.

  • Measure the ground

The size of the metal carport you want to install will also be depending upon the car you have. If your car is average sized then you need to measure a rectangle which should be minimum 16 feet long and also nine feet wide. Try and plot this rectangle on the ground. A basic carport will need six posts, one at each of the corners of the rectangle and two which should be in the middle position along with having 16 foot length. If you are having big car or a truck or you are intending to make a carport for multiple vehicles then try to make proper adjustments which will help in accommodating for the structures size which you try to create.

  • Level the ground if it needs so

When you want to install metal carport, it is important that the ground should be flat; you cannot install a metal carport on an uneven surface. Try to remove all grass that too in layers with the help of a shovel, rank them over the under layers with the help of a metal rake. It’s not necessary that it should be perfect, but you must consider measuring it for a grade for ensuring that your ground is flat as possible. If you are intending to build a metal carport on an existing concrete pad or at the finish of your driveway then it is totally fine. Try and measure out the dimensions of your concrete pad and also shape out the structure to your ground instead of doing the other way round. You can either try to build the structure with the poles on the either side of the pad by anchoring it into the ground.

  • Pour the ground cover if it’s a necessity

Bare ground is appropriate in certain cases but try to put down a layer of gravel for avoiding tracking the dirt into the house and also wearing the ground around the carport over certain period of time. If you are not intending to lay gravel then consider laying a layer of dark weed matting down for keeping weeds and grass from re growing. The best alternative is to pour concrete or build up on the top of the preexisting concrete slab. This will avail your metal carport with a good life and durability.

  • Consider using a prefab carport installation kit

The right materials and appropriate time will help building up a metal carport. Installing a metal carport is an extremely intensive project which can mean that a prefabricated kit can be more suitable considering your wishes and also your abilities. Materials for metal carport installation are generally available at a cheaper rate as compared to that of lumber carport kit. Follow the instructions properly, allot a day or so and your work is done.

  • Dig holes for the post

digging holes for post
Digging holes in ground

Space the hole posts equally around the perimeter of the measured outline for your carport. You can make use of post hole diggers for digging out the holes. These holes must be two feet deep and you can also keep it deeper for getting more stable structure if you are residing in an area with high winds or in an area receiving extreme heavy snow fall.

  • Set out six posts

Even if you are installing the simplest type of metal carport structure then also you will needing heavy duty post which should be minimum 9 feet high on one side of the metal carport and 11 feet high on the another side of carport for giving the roof proper slant for clearing out any amount of rainwater. All the three high posts must be on the side of the carport nearest to the house for diverting water away from the homes foundation. For setting the post, you need to pour concrete which should be six inches deep in two feet deep hole and then plant the post inside the hole so that it can rest on the bottom. Pour even more concrete till the time hole is filled. Take a level and start making adjustments till the time concrete is hardening to make sure that the post is totally vertical. Let the concrete get harden for minimum one full day before you start nailing on its beams.

  • Fasten front and back beams

For securing walls of your metal carport, you will need to build a simple rectangular box which should be approximately 4.9 meter long and nine feet wide and approximately 7 feet high which is secured onto the posts. Safeguard the supporting two crossbeams flat on to the top of the short corner post and extend it to the higher corner post which should be about two feet down from their tops. After that nail those to the post which are high by making use of a T shape hangers which can be bought at any of the hardware stores. Before you nail the beams through T shape hangers, ensure that they are leveled properly.

  • Fasten up the side beams

Nail the cross beams across the posts for securing them into the appropriate code specifications. The beam present on the lower side must be nailed on the top of each corner post. If it is required, you can also shim for connecting them by nailing on the top of middle post on lower side making beam level across all three posts. It is very much essential that you make your structure as secure as it is possible that too if you are residing in windy or snowy areas or any such other severe climates. For more specification, you need to research needs in your area. You cannot find any single or universal way of doing it and hence always refer to your local guidelines.

  • Fasten your rafters to your side beams

Rafters will be helpful in supporting the roof and it should be fastened to the core box in either of the two ways: hanger method or the notch method. In any of the method, the front and back both the rafters must be fastened flush with front and the back beam. The rest four rafters must be arranged equidistant from one another along the predefined length of 16 foot on side beams which should be about every 3 to 4 feet.

  • Notch the rafters

The basic concept is to rest them on the beams edge. For doing this, you need to put the front rafter in its position and then note down where it comes in contact with the side beams marking it pencil. At that specific point, you need to notch the rafter with the help of a circular saw. Once you are done with how the first rafter will rest on the side beam, take it down and then use it like a template for notching the other five rafters. When you are fastening the rafters, angle the nails through the side of the rafters into the beam which is placed below.

  • Hang the rafters

Hanging rafters to metal carport
Hanging rafter while installation

For hanging the rafters, you need to buy few metal hangers which are available at any of the hardware stores. There are plenty of shapes and size of metal hangers available which can fasten other structural elements in various forms of orientation. The relevant angle of the rafter to the beam should be around 25 degrees. These metal hangers can also be bending for accommodating minor variations; hence don’t worry about getting the perfect one. Unlike the notch method, in case of hanger method rafters will be resting on the tops of the beams. Your nails will be going through the hangers into the rafter and then moving on into the beams.

  • Fasten up plywood roof board to rafters

Arrange up the plywood sheet for producing six inch overhang on front and back both parts of the metal carport. By doing so, you will be able to have a uniform look for your metal carport. Buy some of the metal sheets as large as you can. Generally they are available in 4*8 sheets but sizes can differ. The whole roof surface is 10*17. Cut those elements by using a circular saw for producing the lowest number of seams. Lesser the number of seams, lesser will be the issue of water leakage. Core box of metal carport is nine feet wide and the rafters are also ten foot long. This indicates that when roof elements are in their own place, you will be in need of enough metal sheets for approximately 6 inch overhang on each side of the metal carport. If you want your metal carport to last for long time you can accompany it by adding more amount plywood.

  • Check out the stability of the structure

Now when the roof is in its proper place, you now have a quite solid structure. You have to check out the stability of your metal carport. If it is not proper and if there is any excessive movement, then you will need to add up stability braces on the outside part of the structure for reinforcing it.

  • Caulk the plywood roof seams

For keeping up the elements out, it’s very much essential to fill up the gaps in between the boards along with caulk and then create a waterproof surface before shingling above it. There is no purpose of adding a metal carport for keeping your vehicle out of rain if it is leaking. However, if you are thinking of insulating the structure then it is probably a nice idea but not a cost effective one. Keep in mind that you are not building up an addition to your home; you are building up a normal structure to keep any kind of junk away from your car.

  • Fasten shingles on top of roof elements

Visit your nearby hardware store and purchase enough of the three slab shingles for lying down over the metal and do finishing of the surface of the metal carport. It can be a great idea to nail some of the weather sheeting over the metal layer before you lay down the shingles to add up an extra layer of protection. If you are not intending to shingle the roof, then you have the option of skipping the plywood step wholly and install a slanted aluminum roof which is really common in outbuildings and you will be so close to being done. It might be nice idea. One of the issues of having metal carport is its noise. Metal carports are strong and sturdy but when it’s raining the noise is really irritating.

  • Reinforce the joints with metal plates

If you want extra stability in those places where the structure meets up, it’s a great idea to have a reinforcement installed with a metal bracing. Your nearby hardware store will be selling plenty of metal plates which can be nailed up into various joints into the structural composition that too, where the posts meet up the beams and where the beams meet up the rafters and such other places.

  • Stain the wooden elements

If there is any part of wood in your metal carport then it’s a great idea to stain those elements. Since you have done all this hard work in installing metal carport and making it to last long, you don’t want some sections of wood to ruin all your work. Hence give a coat of protection stain to the exposed wood. This will increase the life of your metal carport and help you from repeating the project in some few years. It’s advisable to keep staining it every determined period of time to keep up the life of your metal carport. Have a periodical look at your work and check out whether there is any need of repair and if you spot any, tackle them instantly before they become a major problem.

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You are done with metal carport installation. Now you must be thinking what will be the result of doing all this hard work. Here are some of the benefits of having metal carport installed in your home.

Benefits of metal carport

  • Portable

Portable metal carport
Metal carports which are portable

There are plenty of metal carports in the market which are portable. This can be really helpful if you have shifted your house, your expense of metal carport will not go in vain as you can take it along. With little effort, metal carport can be taken down and can also be moved.

  • Strong and durable

Metal carport is such a material which is very much strong and extremely durable. It is not going to buckle or crack or warp in case of metal carport, there is also no tension of corrosion. It is also fire resistant and cannot be affected by termites.

  • Affordable

Along with all these benefits, one of the added benefits of having metal carport installed is that it is cheap and affordable. The material itself is affordable and also with DIY installation, it saves much of your costs.

Metal is an amazing choice for installing carport in your home. The above mentioned DIY process of installation will help you to save up the cost and also show you the benefits you get by having metal carports installed in your home.

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