Major house design mistakes to avoid

(Last Updated On: February 27, 2017)
house design mistakes to neglect
tips on avoiding house design mistakes

When designing a house, we all want to be creative and innovative. We want our dream house to look different then everyone else’s and because of at, at times we make our house an uncomfortable place to live in!

When designing your house, here are a few design ideas that one should avoid:

  • Designing your house or the rooms in irregular shapes! Though this may sound awesome and innovative in the beginning very soon you will be tired at the look of your house or room after a while. Go for designs that are soothing to the eye, if you want to live in it for longer!
  • Designing obstructive pillars around the house! Yes pillars inside the room look beautiful when you are visiting grand structures, but not when it comes to your room! Designing things around pillars can be real pain, not to forget the fact that make you room look smaller.
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