Lightning Conductors And How To Install Them

(Last Updated On: February 27, 2017)
Install Lightning Conductors
How to install lighting conductors

Lightening conductors are special conducting rods that are placed above high structures to give them a protection from lightening. These rods carry the lightening charge and discharge them with ease into the earth. When setting up lightening conductors are best installed by companies that have expertise in installing them. It is best left alone in their hand as the damaging capabilities of lightening is too enormous. It might cause structural damage and once it gets leaked away into the electrical system of the structure it can easily fry any electronic gadget connected to the system causing harm both physically and financially.

Basic lightening conductors can be setup by planting a long iron pole in the ground with a base where there is a mixture of lime and salt. The conductor head which receives the lightening must be spiked to create a larger electrostatic potential and to help it to deliver the electric cloud back up to discharge charges in the clouds nearby.

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