LEED rating system and steel building

(Last Updated On: February 27, 2017)
knowledge of LEED rating system
LEED rating system chart showing information

USGBC established the GBCI or the green building certification institute. It was established for providing examinations for allowing people get accredited for knowledge regarding the rating system of LEED. The recognition is done through either LEED AP or LEED Accredited Professional or the Green Association of LEED. If you want that your building is certified by LEED, you will need to know the category of LEED under which the building will fall.

Major Renovations and New Construction or NC+MR is applied to the projects of major renovations and the new buildings of steel and those buildings that are institutional and also the residential buildings that are high rising. The Maintenance and Operation or the EB: O&M is the certification which is needed for the institutional and the commercial buildings that already exist. This includes the establishments of service and retail, offices, hotels, residential buildings that are four storied and the institutional buildings.

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