Latest Trends In Kitchen Cabinets

(Last Updated On: February 25, 2017)

Kitchen CabinetsAre you planning to remodel your culinary space and looking for trendy cabinetry ideas? Well, the contemporary kitchen cabinet scene is bustling with so many interesting changes that you will have several options to pick up from. Let’s look at the latest trends in kitchen cabinets.


It’s maple which seems to be the order of the day. Given its light texture, maple ensures a neat feel throughout the kitchen- it’s especially important as space is quite a problem in most of the contemporary kitchens. However, you still have the traditional dark-wood shaded kitchen cabinets which are a gorgeous fit for larger culinary areas. Besides, black cabinets are also drawing ample attention.

Locker-room style

A prominent feature of the contemporary kitchen cabinets is a locker-room type configuration. In this case, you have staggered setup is used in place of lined-up units at the front face, bottom & top. A staggered set up helps to generate better eye movement & intrigue. It also creates an illusion of space.

More spacious cabinets

Today the kitchen cabinets are not just meant to stock your spices and jars- in fact, the trendy cabinet scene has come up with more spacious structures which can hold your entire wine set-up along with the spice jars. Moreover, the trendy cabinets also make place for the heavy kitchen appliances such as trash compactors, dishwashers and icemakers. The heavy culinary appliances are always an eyesore to your neat kitchen and hence the modern very-roomy kitchen cabinets are meant to hide them away in a safe storage.

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Upper cabinets

Today you have the upper kitchen cabinets resting on countertops. These cabinets are often fitted with glass doors for a stylish visual treat. Some of the modern upper kitchen cabinets are featured with stair stepping and this assures a height illusion -which is great to camouflage asymmetrical or awkward window placements.

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