Kitchen Remodel: Process, Tips and Mistakes to Avoid

(Last Updated On: December 27, 2016)
Constructed Kitchen Remodel structure
Kitchen remodel modern idea

Planning a kitchen remodel? One of the most multi functional areas of your home is the kitchen. No other area of the home is used more as compared to your kitchen. Whether it’s a previously constructed kitchen or a newer one, a kitchen is always versatile in nature. Entertaining your guests, preparing meals, and sharing happiness by serving them all sums up to one hub, the kitchen at your home. A kitchen is more than just a stylish cabinet or a backsplash. But only preparing the food in the kitchen is not the only aspect, rather there are more important things to look for. Amongst them, kitchen remodel stands first in the list. If you are planning of doing a kitchen remodel, then there are many ideas and designs that will assist you in your process.

Take help of some of the ideas of kitchen remodeling to get it installed at your home. Design your kitchen remodel in such a way, which shows your personality and prerequisites. Go for your personal customization and design for enhancing the kitchen remodel process more efficiently. Explore your vision and work outside the boundaries that you have decided. Upgrading your kitchen needs many things like planning, budget, preparing layout of the kitchen, kitchen remodel ideas, modern kitchen designs, and ultimately the proper execution of the whole process. Do not prepare an outline for kitchen remodel layout; let more ideas enter up the premise for having the best result that you want.

Whether to hire a professional or to go for a DIY kitchen remodel is going to be your decision to make. Both have their individual benefits and aspects. A professional will be having a better experience and knowledge in kitchen remodel and he plays his role perfectly. But if you are planning to do a DIY kitchen remodel, you are on your own with your own ideas and their execution. No doubt, hiring a professional kitchen remodel contractor is going to charge the cost, but will provide you with even better outcome. But whatever you choose, knowledge regarding kitchen remodel ideas and cost should be gathered by you which will help you further. Let us start with the first step of kitchen remodel, the planning.

Kitchen Remodel Process

  • Planning

  • Your kitchen remodel idea must replicate your lifestyle and way of living. Gather information of what you need in your kitchen, how you use your kitchen daily, routine things you need in your kitchen and easy accessible ways of using your kitchen. Remember one thing – planning for kitchen remodel is a major change for your home.
  • Before you start up with the process of kitchen remodel, take all necessary calls in on how you are using your kitchen currently and how you want to make it for future. Planning will help you in assuming how your kitchen will assist you in molding your needs.
  • layout

  • Layout is the best way to go for the remodeling. Preparing a draft layout first will help you in presenting the ideas that you want in your kitchen. It will show the exact calculation of what you need, focusing on the basic space of your kitchen, small and large kitchen appliances, and designs that caters your wants. The final kitchen layout should be accurate and comprise of all the details that you have decided for kitchen remodel at your home.
  • Galley kitchen layout

  • Modern Galley kitchen layout
    White colored Galley kitchen layout

    A number of kitchen remodel layouts are available and it depends upon your basic space of kitchen. A tight space kitchen, for example, can have a Galley kitchen remodel idea. It is known by the name of L-shaped kitchen too. For those kitchens with small and fewer spaces, gallery kitchen layout works best. It eliminates the corner spaces and designs your kitchen in L-shape. Countertops are installed on both the wall sides and elimination of traffic can be possible.

  • As it is L shaped, multiple working spaces on both the sides of kitchen is easily possible.
  • Island kitchen layout

  • Browned colored Island kitchen layout
    Modern Island kitchen layout

    For those having large spaces in kitchen, Island kitchen remodel layout sounds a perfect choice. Optimum utilization of your kitchen space is covered under this layout. It provides you with additional countertops and cabinets that help you in storing more kitchen stuff. A separate counter is installed in the middle of kitchen for cooking food and installing the gas stove for covering a large amount of space.

  • One of the classy look of layout can also be tried for your kitchen remodel process.
  • Deciding budget

  • Firm planning only takes place if you have a proper budget ready with you. Kitchen remodel cost depends upon the planning which you have made for your kitchen. An easy method for deciding the budget is preparing a check list of the things you require in your kitchen remodel process. Making a wish list and finding out the things which are available for further process is the right way. This will ensure you don’t have duplication of the things that you might already have with you.
  • Prepare the backup options too. In case if you don’t get any of the materials of your choice, then with the help of backup choices your process would not be stopped. Before operating the calculator, research your planning and layouts that has been decided. Visiting the stores, referring to online internet stores for materials, prices of materials, and availability of it must be taken into notice.
  • All the points must be covered while preparing budget about the countertops, number of cabinets to be installed, kitchen sinks, flooring options, kitchen appliances, etc. which are the fundamentals that are required in the kitchen remodel ideas.
  • Stay flexible with your budget. Making proper changes in your budget helps you in better decisions but may cost you more than the estimated one. This situation can be avoided if research is done properly. Before making any decision, research it accurately so as to you are not forced to make any changes in your budget at a later point of time.
  • Choosing materials

  • The materials you choose should be realistic in nature. Learning how to exactly shop for kitchen remodel materials is your responsibility. Different materials are used for preparing kitchen cabinets, countertops, sinks, flooring, and kitchen appliances. The cost is decided on realistic nature and the assumed figures, so it is better to know for the budget and act upon it.
  • Kitchen cabinets

  • More amount of Kitchen cabinets
    Kitchen cabinets remodel structure

    Cabinets form the most supporting role in the process of kitchen remodel. Its configuration has to be specific and accurate for proper utilization of space in the kitchen. Cabinets are installed in two ways, one is the Bottom cabinets and the other one is Hanging wall cabinets. Bottom cabinets are more focused than the hanging cabinets because they are used more frequently and easily accessible. Considering different layouts to configure its installation in your kitchen. Other kinds could be the Island cabinets and Over the counter cabinets. Bottom cabinets, however, grab more attention because drawers and other options are added to it for keeping kitchen stuffs.

  • Using alternative wood options for constructing cabinets will provide an appealing look to your kitchen. Varied choices of woods are available like Bamboo, Mahogany and Sapele that will give an exotic look. Proper finishing is the last step for kitchen cabinets before installing it in your kitchen.
  • Kitchen flooring

  • Select such types of flooring material for your kitchen which are durable and can be easily maintained. Kitchen is an area where more traffic is noticed; possibility of more stains and spills, so consideration of best flooring for kitchen is a must.
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance should be the core subject of the flooring material selected by you. Hardwood flooring option is a good option among the choices. Because of its versatility and durability, it is easily maintained and cleaning process becomes ease.
  • Hardwood flooring is affordable and sums up in your budget. Different designs and texture are available for you, which can be installed while taking kitchen remodel procedure. Even Porcelain tiles can be considered to be right option for your kitchen floors. It provides you with different range of colors and patterns that are more suitable for your kitchen.
  • As compared to ordinary tiles, porcelain tiles are very strong and thick which are made by blending natural elements and materials like slate and limestone. It is stain resistant, and no scratch can affect its surface of flooring.
  • Varieties of sizes are available for tiles to install in your kitchen like 18 inch tiles and even larger, that extends to 24 inches. Concept of bigger tiles is accepted easily in today’s time with the help of hybrid technology and easy tools of installing it in your kitchen.
  • Storage space optimization

  • Don’t go for choosing kitchen cabinets or pantry just like that. Select it by knowing and measuring the adequate space which in your kitchen. Your responsibility is finding out what storage space you need and if adequate space is not there, then how will you utilize the available space optimally.
  • Kitchen remodel ideas must be such that covers every single inch of space available. Make it a point to note these important things while carrying the process of kitchen remodel. Kitchens are of many types, small, large, and medium sized but your responsibility is to make it easily accessible with optimum utilization of space available.
  • The gaps between two cabinets, corners of kitchen, empty walls and ceiling – all these factors will prove to be helpful for you in the process of storage space optimization. Walls which are not used for anything can be transformed into shelves for keeping your kitchen stuffs.
  • Prepare a list of space that has not been consumed yet and make a proper use of it for making your kitchen work more efficiently. Categorize your kitchen cabinets and its uses. Those cabinets which are used frequently must be placed within your arms reach, and drawers that are no more in use should be emptied. Making it work this way will add up more space to your kitchen remodel model.
  • Kitchen lighting tips

  • Beautiful view of installed Kitchen lighting
    Kitchen lighting for remodelling your kitchen

    All the above mentioned details will enhance its effects if proper kitchen lighting takes place. Design your location of installing the lights in such a way that impresses your kitchen remodel structure.

  • Home constructors only provide with normal lights but we must acknowledge the importance of installing designer lights for enhancing effects of cabinets, countertops and the overall kitchen model.
  • Installing LED lights in your kitchen is a good start. It saves energy, gives you an enhanced look. Using different types of lights with layering effects will improve the look of your kitchen. Recessed lights, over the cabinet lights, under cabinet lights, and pendant lights are some of the good examples to experiment with.
  • Over the cabinet lights are installed above the cabinets with proper distance for effective lighting in kitchen. Pendant lighting is another option to go while having kitchen remodel. It is fitted on high ceiling for adding adequate graphic effects. Even the bottom surface of kitchen cabinets can be used by installing toe kick lights. This light is installed in the space available under the bottom kitchen cabinets and countertops.
  • DIY kitchen remodel tips

Quick and easy tips of kitchen remodel is something interesting to know about, right?

  • With the help of proper guidance, kitchen remodel process becomes simple and stress-free for you.
  • For small kitchens, storage is the issue to be solved. Less storage space is available because of its size but certain ideas will help you in making it more practical.
  • Making smart use of storage in small kitchen is the key to get picture perfect. Make sure that you are making the optimum use of more space that is available.
  • Select for clever model of kitchen remodeling for small kitchens because it will help it to look more preferred.
  • If you are thinking that small kitchen makeovers don’t provide you with more innovative ideas then you are thinking it wrong. Good planning, proper budget, organizing and execution of the plan will lead you to a good kitchen remodel.
  • Organizing the kitchen pantry is an important point to take into consideration. Making it more user friendly will help you in organizing your pantry in a better way.
  • Installation of kitchen pantry is made to clutter off the mess on your counter while you are preparing your food. It depends upon the space in your kitchen.
  • If you are having more space then, pantry closet is one of the good options to go for. Construct a closet pantry nearby your kitchen room, so that you can easily avail your kitchen essentials from it. Closet pantry is also known as hybrid pantry.
  • For smaller spaced kitchen, pantry drawer or cabinet is a better option to install in their kitchen.
  • Having a drawer or cabinet pantry, organizing the kitchen would be easy. Whereas having closet pantry, more kitchen essentials are added to it which will need higher level of organizing your kitchen.
  • There are many different types of kitchen pantries available like walk-In kitchen pantry, Free standing pantry, Pullout pantry and many more of options that can be taken for consideration.
  • You can install any pantry in your kitchen but make sure that you are keeping your daily essentials at an easily reachable level. A pantry is not just for storing your food essentials or any other stuffs but it is designed for making your kitchen look more organized and particular. It’s supposed to be there to help you with your daily chores.
  • Mistakes to avoid while kitchen remodel process

  • Don’t expect of having a working kitchen while the process of kitchen remodel is being carried out. Your kitchen is considered to be the busiest area at the time of remodeling it. Make a new arrangement for shifting your kitchen to some else place in your home for the time being.
  • The entire kitchen is going to get remodeled, the countertops, cabinets, and sink. So make proper arrangement for this situation before you start dismantling the existing set up. Old kitchen area is going to shut down and shaping of the new kitchen will take some time.
  • If you are thinking your project of kitchen remodel will be completed in stipulated time zone then you are a bit on wrong way. Certain situations are not in our control and a delay takes place of the process of kitchen remodel. It doesn’t mean that you should stop this process.
  • Your new kitchen will be useful for many years, so, keep calm, prepare yourself for facing such issues while the kitchen remodeling is being done. Solve the problems immediately and get your project back on the track.
  • Only select your kitchen remodel idea if you are availed with the appliances on your hands. Before starting it, keep a check on the things which you are going to need for remodeling your kitchen further. Let the cabinets and kitchen furniture installed first.
  • Take proper measurements of your new appliances that are going to be mounted. Especially when the appliances are wall microwave, large sized refrigerators, and cooking ranges which are installed in the cabinets and countertops of your kitchen.
  • If you are hiring a remodel contractor company, don’t focus on the discount that is provided by the companies. They offer a larger amount of discount and in return do not provide with accurate kitchen remodel results.
  • Use your own judgement and differentiate between a good remodeling company and an average one. Good remodeling companies will never disappoint you with providing better services and products, whereas those with not-so-good-expertize will let you down in your expectations.

Remodeling your kitchen is one of the toughest renovation jobs. Necessary elements have been covered above, that will help you in the process of kitchen remodel. Longevity is the core element among all. A kitchen layout must add up acceleration to your family lifestyle. No matter what, a kitchen is considered to be an important part of traditional or modern design of household. How to explore your ideas, increasing your boundaries, which design and materials must be elected, kitchen remodel cost and how to execute your plan are all described in details. Do let us know for any of your queries through the Contact Us page.


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