Kitchen designs 2014 – what to expect this year

(Last Updated On: February 24, 2017)
Kitchen designs 2014
2014 kitchen designs

The interior part of your home needs well care and maintenance as it attracts the attention of many guests. The same hold true for kitchen. A modish cooking corner says a lot about the family and shows its fine taste for design.

1. The most prominent trend is the invasion of darker colors. They are integrated in largely interior parts and also in smaller details as well. The countertops in new kitchen are likely to be in black shades. This black shade is frequently achieved with the use of granite or quartz as plane materials. A modern look can still be present, if white is added so that the internal part looks like a standard black and white combination. The idea of steel and wood combination is also relevant here. A small amount of marble if added can also look attractive. Thus we can say that dark colors not only occupy the cooking counter but also gain fame when it comes to paint the walls.

2. The second trend has an effect on cabinets and shelves in the kitchens of 2014. These days the cooking area is a place where we can find many high end expensive works form cookware to costly refrigerators with the help of door less cupboard and unbolt shelves. Everything needs to be displayed properly. This affinity by some means supports the design line of lavishness in the kitchen.

3. Hidden storages are required to cover certain portions of the kitchen. Covered vertical drawers are flawlessly constructed around countertops and corners of the kitchen so that no one can understand what they actually are. The colors remain somewhat black or dark. But the shapes are quite fancy. This particular style would allow the owner to spend less time in cleaning the cooking area.

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4. Another important modernization for 2014 is the dining table placed right beside the cooking counter. This in turn saves both serving time and internal space of the home. This type of incorporated table is suitable for small homes and also for large homes with some twists.

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