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(Last Updated On: February 22, 2017)
kitchen cleaning with care
Lady doing kitchen cleaning

Kitchen is one of the most inevitable parts of the home which is used daily and also gets dirty daily. Kitchen cleaning might seem to you like a daunting task but it is very important one. I am not sure about you but the most difficult thing which I find while doing any task is to know where to start from. The second most difficult thing after starting is to figure where to end. Let’s face it have you even been satisfied after you are done with kitchen cleaning? Of course, the answer would be no. There have always been certain things which are left out and then we console ourselves by saying next time.

If you want to avoid such regret at the end of the job, you must start up with preparing a kitchen cleaning checklist. This kitchen cleaning checklist will act like a guide in the whole process. After that, gather all the kitchen cleaning supplies and kitchen cleaning products. Make sure you don’t miss out any of the kitchen cleaning equipment’s or else it will be really very irritating to stop the work in middle and run for grabbing any left out kitchen cleaning supplies or kitchen cleaning product. You need to take care of all the above things if you are doing the task of kitchen cleaning yourself. If you want to stay away from all this mess, you can opt for hiring kitchen cleaning services but it might cost you a bit high.

If you are planning to do it yourself, then you must need stepwise kitchen cleaning tips to help you get the best results. Yes, of course you will not end following it in exact manner but still it’s good to have some form of framework to initiate the work. Here are some of the kitchen cleaning tips to assist you in your work and give you some knowledge about where to start and more importantly where to end. You can also try playing some music while working. It will make your work enjoyable and relaxing.

Kitchen cleaning tips

  • Wipe the burners

cleaning burners with cloth
Cleaning burners with rags

You must clean your electric burners or gas very often. Gas burners can be removed from the gas and it can be washed by hand in a mixture of warm water and soap. You are lucky if you have gas burners which can go into the dishwasher. Throw them there after you finished cleaning off the excess food. If you are having electric burners then you must consider wiping the debris with a moist sponge. The way of washing your burners is decided by the type of grate accumulates on it. If you are having an uncoated grate, then go for using a scouring pad for cleaning the grate. If you are having a coated grate then you must use soft sponge for cleaning.

  • Wipe the stove surface

Use soap and a sponge or buy some Clorox wipes for getting rid of the stains. If there are grease spills on your stove top then make sure to clean it up right away as it will become very much stubborn and will be more difficult to remove.

  • Remove control knobs and wash them

It’s important to get rid of every dirty element in your stove. Hence, remove the control knobs. Take them in the sink and wash them properly with mild dish washing soap and warm water. Avoid using soap which has ammonia or abrasives, as these things will also wash away the marking on the knobs along with the stains.

  • Wipe the outside part of vent hood

Take a kitchen cleaning soap and make it soapy and then clean the vent hood with it. Wash the suds away with a damp cloth and then make it dry by wiping it with a dry cloth. Remove the vent filters once in a month and soak them in warm and soapy water. Scrub it gently for cleaning it and make sure it is properly dried before you put it back. If you are having a stainless steel hood then make sure you use a kitchen cleaning product which is meant to be used on steel only.

  • Clean oven grates

Oven is one such thing which you use almost daily and hence while undertaking kitchen cleaning, oven should not be missed out. First of all remove all the grates from the oven. Fill a bucket or tub with warm and soapy water and soak the grates for certain hours. Anything which is coated on the grates will be easy to clean if it is soaked for some time. You can use a scouring pad for scrubbing the grates.

  • Give a good cleaning to your oven

cleaning oven with sponge
Cleaning oven with rag

It’s necessary to give a deep cleaning to your oven every few months as soon as your oven starts to smoke whenever you are cooking. In order to make an effective oven cleaning solution, you need to mix 1/4th cup of salt with 3/4th cup of baking soda along with 1/4th cup of water. Cover up any bare metal or any clog openings with foil so that they don’t get damaged when you use the mixture. If you are having an electric stove, remove all the racks and put your oven on the cleaning mode. When this cycle ends, make use of damp kitchen cleaning cloth, to remove any residue which is left by the cleaning cycle.

  • Remove all the food from fridge

Go through each and every item in your fridge. Throw those items which have expired or are stale and cannot be used. If it is possible then do these before you go for grocery shopping. The old and expired items will be thrown out and it will make added space for new groceries. Mix up two table spoon of baking soda with one quarter of water. Dip your kitchen cleaning sponge in the solution and then wipe down the overall surface of the fridge. Make sure you scrub out the sticky stains of the fridge while undergoing the project of kitchen cleaning. Wipe each and every shelf and drawer of the fridge and not only the main part of the fridge.

  • Wipe solution with damp kitchen cleaning cloth

Dip a clean kitchen cleaning rag in the water and wash any of the residues which are left behind by the solution of the baking soda. Make use of a clean towel to dry each and every surface.

  • Leave box of baking soda in fridge

If your fridge is smelling bad and is very much stinky then you can try a very simple trick to get rid of it. You can put a box of baking soda open in your fridge. This will absorb all the bad smell from your fridge and make your fridge smell fresh.

  • Clean your freezer

Clean your freezer
Clean your freezer with care

First of all unplug your refrigerator. Remove all your frozen items after unplugging your refrigerator. Throw out useless items and also the expired ones and then put the rest of the things in the cooler for the time you are cleaning it.

  • Cleaning solution

Mix up 1 cup of water with 1 teaspoon dish soap and also 1 teaspoon white vinegar. Shake the solution in well manner. Fill the solution in a spray bottle and spray the whole freezer with it. Make sure you dowse each and every surface. If you are not having spray bottle then you can also dip a clean kitchen cleaning sponge or rag in the mixture and then wipe each and every surface. After you have wiped the freezer, let it dry with paper towel properly. Now plug back the refrigerator and put back your frozen things to their proper places.

  • Clean your cabinets

Whether your cabinets contains food or any of the kitchen supplies or secret stock of candy, it’s very important to clean your cabinets every once in a while. Throw away those items which are expired. Wipe the cabinets with wet and soapy rags for removing crumbs and dust.

  • Clean front of your cabinets

Grease and grime can build up in the fronts of your cabinets. Wipe them up with a wet rag and then dry them properly for avoiding any color distortion. If you are having wooden cabinets then consider using a cleaning supply which is made specifically for wood.

  • Wipe your counters

wipe your counters
Wipe your counters with cloth

You should wipe your counters almost every night after you finish your cooking. Use a kitchen cleaning sponge and mix it with soapy water for wiping down the counters. Wipe them and then make it dry with clean rag or paper towel. You can also buy some of the kitchen cleaning supplies for wiping your kitchen counters with them and make them spotless clean. There are plenty of disposable kitchen cleaning wipes, de-greasing kitchen cleaning products and anti-bacterial kitchen cleaning sprays. If you have counters with stone or granite then you must opt for using kitchen cleaning supplies specifically designed for that type of countertop.

  • Wash all your dishes

You are available with two options; either rinses the cups and dirty dishes and out them in the dishwasher or you can wash them in your sink. Make sure that you do this before initiating the job of cleaning the sink.

  • Wipe basin and fixtures of the sink

For avoiding water stains and mold growth, you can try washing the basin with warm and soapy water with a sponge. Make sure you also rinse along the basin. Don’t forget to remove the water stains from the fixtures. Faucet is also important part when you are cleaning your sink. Faucet has many minor corners and it can be difficult to reach the crannies of the faucet. You can take a tooth brush and clean your faucet properly by reaching each and every corner. Make a mixture of warm and soapy water and dip your tooth brush in the mixture and then clean the faucets and all other fixtures of your sink with it. If there are any water spot which are left behind then clean it out with a dry cloth.

  • Get rid of mineral deposits

If your water has high level of mineral content, then you will definitely see mineral deposit on your fixtures. For getting rid of such deposits, make a solution of one part of vinegar with one part of water. Scrub away the deposit gently with a rag. Rinse the area properly and then let it dry.

  • Make your garbage disposal work properly

If your sink is not draining properly then run the garbage disposal for getting rid of anything which might have come in between lurking down there. It’s very essential to sanitize you’re your disposal at least once in a week. Prepare frozen cubes of vinegar in an ice tray and then drop them into the disposal. If possible also do this once in a week. When you are running the disposal, pour some boiling water into it as it will sharpen the blades of garbage disposal.

  • Wipe your microwave

Don’t forget to clean your appliances while doing the job of kitchen cleaning. Take a sponge and make a mixture of warm and soapy water. Clean the splatters which are placed inside your microwave with this mixture. For those stains which are really tough, you need to make a mixture of 1 quarter of water and 2 tablespoons of baking soda. After that rinse it with clean water and then dry it with a clean kitchen cleaning cloth or rag. Be careful while cleaning small appliances of your kitchen as there are chances of them getting damaged while cleaning.

  • Check manuals for cleaning appliances

You always have the option of cleaning your appliances part by part excluding the electrical part but the preference is always to check the manual which come along with it. Check which things should be use and which should not be used and then only take the chance with your appliance. Appliances which are included in kitchen cleaning are coffee maker, toaster, blender and grinder. All should be cleaned with due care.

  • Keep parts of the appliance together

When you are cleaning your appliances, you will be taking out its parts. Take care which part is coming from where so you don’t face any trouble while joining them back. Also make sure to keep all the parts together so that you don’t lose any of the part. Clean one appliance at one time so that you don’t get confused with the parts.

  • Sweep the floor

When you are done with covering parts of kitchen cleaning process, it’s now the time to clean the floor. When you are cleaning all other parts, the dust and dirt from all parts will be falling on the floor and hence it will make the floor dirty. It will definitely need deep cleaning. But before you go for deep cleaning, you must sweep the floor and collect the crumbs, dust and garbage which have fallen on the floor.

  • Mop the floor

Mop kitchen floor
Mop your kitchen floor

After you are done with sweeping the floor, it’s now the time to mop the floor. Mopping will make the floor sparkling clean and every single bits and pieces of dust will be out of your kitchen floor with mopping. For getting better result, you must make a solution of warm water and soap and mop your floor with that.

  • Put the stuff back at its place

After you are finished with all the works of kitchen cleaning, it’s time to put all the things back in its place. Put all the cleaning supplies in right place and also the kitchen appliances and kitchen stuff which you have moved during the process of kitchen cleaning.

  • Take the trash out

The last step of kitchen cleaning but not the least is to take all the trash out. You must have collected many trash things like stale food, expired packets, floor cleaning dust. Take the trash can out and throw away all the trash things. Then wash the trash can and put an new plastic bag and then put it in kitchen.

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  • Replace the cleaning materials regularly like sponges and rags for avoiding any contamination and maintain cleanliness.
  • Consider playing some music of your choice while doing kitchen cleaning. This will not let you feel bored and also keep you entertained and motivated.
  • Do the kitchen cleaning job on frequent basis so that you will be away from big jobs. You will be able to see your kitchen clean more often will indulging less time and less hard work.
  • Make sure to use any of the disinfectant while kitchen cleaning.
  • Cover your kitchen cabinet tops with wax paper if they don’t go all the way to ceiling. If not done so it will collect dirt and grease. When it gets dirty, you will just have to discard it and replace it with the new one.
  • If you are having a cleaning sponge which is in good condition but just needs cleaning, instead of cleaning it, replace it with a new one. When you clean your kitchen with dirty sponge, you will spread the germs and bacteria all over your kitchen. It will be there even if you can’t see it.
  • When cleaning the microwave, make sure to dip the sponge in water for 1 to 2 minutes. If the sponge is dry there are chances of it catching fire. Hence before cleaning microwave check your sponge.


  • Never ever mix up the products containing bleach with the products which are containing ammonia. This mixture will end up in making a poisonous gas.
  • Make sure you never cook and clean your kitchen at the same time. This might result in contamination of food with poisons.
  • Keep kitchen cleaning chemicals and other kitchen cleaning supplies away from the reach of pets and kids.
  • Make sure you don’t use bleach for kitchen cleaning that too on the floor if they are wooden.
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kitchen cleaning tools
Tools for kitchen cleaning

Things you will need

  • Kitchen cleaner
  • Glass cleaner
  • Dish soap
  • Ammonia
  • Vinegar
  • Broom
  • Baking soda
  • Kitchen spray
  • Clothes or rags
  • Sponge for dish washing
  • Disinfectant
  • Floor cleaner
  • Mop
  • Paper towel
  • Bucket
  • Vacuum
  • Steel wool or abrasive sponge
  • Floor squeegee

Kitchen cleaning is a big job but an important one. Each and every part of the kitchen must be covered and cleaned deeply. The above mentioned process will help you to finish your kitchen cleaning job efficiently without missing out any important section.

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