Kids Bathroom: Ideas, Design, Accessories

(Last Updated On: December 27, 2016)
Two kids playing in bathtub in kids bathroom
Decor showing kids bathroom design

Designing something unique is always fun and when it comes for kids bathroom, special joy flashes in our minds so as to give our best in designing kids bathroom. That feeling of doing something special for our kids is more than anything else, isn’t it? Whether it is the fact of welcoming the little tot or making something joyous for them, everything includes happiness that attaches us more to the kids. And the best part amongst all is, there are no barriers which you must go for following. It is suggested to think like a kid while you are planning of designing kids bathroom. The colors, shades, drawings, arts, themes and many more of the stuff can be added in the list of designing kids bathroom. Think according to the kids views, their needs, their wishes and rest will be framed automatically.

You know what’s the best part of designing kids bathroom, there are no limitations that can stop you. Use as many colors, favorite cartoon characters, curtains and animation themes which will make it more appealing to  your kids and they can relate it with themselves. Multiple themes can be added for your kids bathroom for having a cherished look. Take your ideas, themes, patterns and designs and mix and match them to see what that you get for designing kids bathroom. There are plenty of options and varieties of ideas that can be executed in this process of giving a cute look to kids bathroom. Just a glance of inspiration will do you work, it will assist you in making clear imagination of the exact look that you have decided for your kids bathroom.

Imagination plays a vital role in this process. Think like which patterns and designs will be loved by your kids and act upon it. Discussing it with the kids is another way of understanding their requirements. It is advisable of not going formal, just make it casual and fun loving, so that you can get a good idea of what the kids want. Not only this, teaching your kids the responsibility and fundamentals are also included in preparing kids bathroom. Making it fun for kids will help them in learning with the responsibilities well.

Tips of designing kids bathroom

Selection of colors

  • Amongst the top priorities for kids bathroom ideas are the selection of colors and pastels for the bathroom. Seems to be very interesting process, isn’t it ? Do not restrict your imagination and just color it up. Think of those colors and pastels that are your kid’s favorite. No matter how your other bathrooms in the home look, whether they have been given a decent look, or if bright colors haven’t been used and if they have been kept simple and sober; the same thought process cannot be replicated for your kids bathroom.
  • Kids bathroom ideas must be such that can help them in growing and learning something. According to me, kids bathroom ideas must show vivid types of designs and patterns of colors, designs that liven up the bathroom. Not only that, there are many options available for having a defined theme for either girls or boys. Choices differ, likes and desires differ and so does the acceptability levels.
  • Make a note of the things that can help you in making a kids bathroom idea picture perfect. Take input of your kids for the color selection. For girls, bubbly colorsare perfect like a drop of pink, orange, a bit yellow, touch of red and more of such colors that symbolizes their liking towards bathroom. Whereas for boys stylish blue, dark green and sharp colors are favorite for them. Planning of making shades on the walls of your kids bathroom? Then trust me, you are going on right track.
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How to apply wall shades

  • Make the bottom surface of walls ready by applying grey or white base coat. The base coat will enhance the view of the top color coat, will make it clearer and provide with attractive finishing. Effects can be used for making it more dramatic and performing. With the help of color planning tools, designing kids bathroom is fun and a satisfying experience.
  • There are varied of options that can help you like making the walls shaded, adding designs and patterns to the walls, effects that will enhance the look of kids bathroom and more of such ideas which are meant for this purpose. Let the paint dry and then you are ready for your colorful walls of kids bathroom. Don’t go for common ideas, think something out of box and present it in front of your children.

Themes and patterns for kids bathroom

  • Sponge bob themes and patterns for kids bathroom
    Cartoon theme in kids bathroom

    Concept of installing specific themes in kids bathroom is prevalent now a days. Specifically for boys, cartoon heroic themes are their favorites and for girls Barbie and princess look is their fantasy. Make it live for them; let them also enjoy their bathroom with their desired cartoon characters. Trust me this will help you in getting closer and knowing more to your kids.

  • Get cartoon curtains installed in bathroom, cartoon structured bathroom vanity for kids, their towels, shampoo and many more of these stuff form part of the kids bathroom accessories list. You can also go for custom kids bathroom décor reflective of your taste. I know it sounds something interesting, isn’t it? Presenting your art for your kids is the wow factor.
  • Toy holder is one way that you may go for, like making a toy holder for toothbrush, even some parts of bathroom vanity can also be customized by yourself, glow water bathtub design, etc. are some ideas that can be installed in kids bathroom.

Glowing water bathtub

  • pink glowing water bathtub for kids bathroom
    Glowing water bathtub with glowing toys and lights in kids bathroom

    Want to get one of the best experiences for your kids? Glowing water bathtub is just the right choice to get the wow factor in your kids bathroom.

  • Imagine your kid’s reaction when they will have such a beautiful bathroom in front of them. It shall be such an experience that the kids won’t forget ever. Not only that, you can also go for adding glowing sticks and toys which will increase your kid’s excitement with the bathroom.
  • Bathing in dark atmosphere with glowing water and playing with it, is the best fun thing to do with, right kids? Even the water is edible in nature which if intake would not become any issue for your kid’s health. With the help of certain vitamins, edible glowing water can be made for kids. Kids are going to have a blast by noticing it in their bathroom. Keep certain things in mind while having it installed in kids bathroom, make proper combination of dark atmosphere and required glowing water for making it look perfect.

Hanging catchers

  • Having towel bars installed in kids bathroom sounds somewhat boring, right? For kids, there must be something new and exciting. Hanging catchers or hooks are a good choice for such designer bathrooms. Install cool catchers or hooks in bathroom rather than simple bars for keeping their stuff.
  • Catchers will look more stylish in bathrooms than towel bars. Have the catchers installed in line with height of the kids, so that it becomes easy for them to manage their hangings. You must make a specific section in kids bathroom for their toys. Gather more baskets whereby you can keep the toys after its use. It is highly relevant to have toys baskets in order to organize kids bathroom in a better way.
  • If no specific section can be decided for keeping toys, than make use of shower rods, hanging catchers, and bar rods for hanging the baskets full of toys.

Rope lightings

  • rope lighting mounted under kids bathroom vanity
    Installation of rope lighting in kids bathroom

    Clever lighting is the perfect synonym for rope lighting. A very good kids bathroom idea is to place rope lights under the bathroom vanity, over the walls of kids bathroom, around the mirror, and near the bathroom door. Even motion censored lights can create excitement for the kids and help with the energy needs of your home as well.  At the end of the day, it’s on you, how much effects of lightings you want for your kids.

  • Colorful rope lightings can also be taken for experiments. Yellow, blue, orange, pink, white, and many more of colors. Lightings can also be matched with the texturing and color of kids bathroom that you have planned. Make patterns out of rope lights on the walls for making it more appealing and attractive for kids. Remember one thing, kids gets fascinated for those things which look attractive and eye catchy.
  • Rope lights installed under bathroom cabinets makes a better night light option for kids. Motion sensor LEDs are another way to increase the charm of kids bathroom. It works on the tippy toes of your kids while they enter the bathroom.

Kids bathroom accessories

  • Talking about kids bathroom accessories, you have now a varied list of options that can be taken into consideration. It is important to make a kids bathroom in such a way that increases their glance and excitement towards it, right? Think of having accessories that are more liked by your kids. Think from their point of view for getting the best results.
  • Differentiate between girls and boys accessories for bathroom. This will help you in the process of having a kids bathroom which is acceptable to both the kids (a boy and a girl, if that’s the case).  Varieties of kids bathroom accessories are available like kids cartoon bath robe, soft toys for their fun, cartoonist curtains of your kid’s choice, cartoon character themes specifically designed for kids bathroom.
  • Plain shower curtains are not the ideal choice for kids bathroom. Having comic pictures in shower curtain is the right choice to be taken by you for your kids. Make it more lovable and friendly towards your kids. You can also customize it in your way by enhancing it with your personal touch for kids.

Safety tips for kids bathroom

  • Do not keep any harmful cleaning agents in the bathroom openly, since it may cause damage to your kids. Proper toiletry storage section must be added to the list of priorities while designing kids bathroom at home.  Construct the storage section at such a place which is always out of the reach of the kids.
  • Amongst all the points, one of the important in the list is safety measures which you need to take into account. All the furniture and fittings that are installed will look very pretty but if not safely installed it may result to be hazardous for your kids. The crystal clear glasses, beautiful bathroom vanity, and decorative accessories all these things look pretty much adorable but if not placed it properly, then it is of no use. They can be a source of harm to the kids in the bathroom.
  • Many a times we don’t notice but some electrical issues can be harmful to your kids life.  So it is better to be cautious about those stuff first. Proofing of all those important electrical points must be taken in to account while designing kids bathroom.
  • Having simplicity in kids bathroom with effective planning and vibrant colors will have positive impacts on your child.

Kids bathroom flooring options

  • vinyl flooring ideas for kids bathroom
    Fishes installed in the form of vinyl flooring in kids bathroom

    There are many reasons for selecting vinyl flooring as the preferred option. Vinyl flooring is more durable in nature, can sustain for a longer period of time even after heavy and hefty use. Kids have the tendency of playing with shampoo bottles, water splashing everywhere, right? For this purpose, vinyl flooring proves to be effective because textured vinyl floors will help in maintaining feet grip of your kids and chances of getting slipped over on the floor are minimized.

  • It is not recommended to have a simple tiled look flooring for kids bathroom. There are many options of different types of flooring that can assist you in the process of designing kids bathroom. Latest trends suggest that vinyl flooring is among the top most choices of parents for their kids bathroom.
  • It also is stain resistant in nature, which will help you in cleaning of the floors without leaving any trail of the stains. Installing vinyl sheets as a flooring option is a wise decision due to  its user friendly and beneficial effects.
  • At the time of installing vinyl sheets, the sides must be trimmed properly so as to avoid any injuries. Apart from vinyl sheets and simple tiles, fancy tiles are also in demand for customized kids bathroom.

Design kids friendly bathroom

  • Having a kids friendly bathroom design is your main motive. The design of the kids bathroom should be such that the kids are able to appreciate it and it gives them the WOW feeling.
  • Not planning of having a large bathroom? Micro sized kids bathroom can also be perfect for your kids. A large or a small bathroom is not a big deal but smarter and kids friendly bathroom decor work is what should be driving the process of designing kids bathroom.
  • Certain important points which must be mentioned in this list of kids bathroom décor are appropriate bathroom vanity installation, watching for safety of your kids, making bathroom space more live and hygienic, proper storage spaces for harmful cleaning materials and planning the bathroom fragrances keeping in mind the allergy profile of the kids.
  • In simple words, make the bathroom multi-tasking for your kids.

All the necessary points have been covered that will help you in the process of designing kids bathroom at home. Remember one thing, while designing kids bathroom you must let your kids have the opportunity of presenting their views and wishes. This will make a significant difference in your thinking and that of your kids with respect to the design of the bathroom. Give them a free hand in giving their inputs and customize their bathroom in line with their tastes and likes.

Let measurement, budget, installation, and selection be your task. And let your children be tasked with coloring the picture that you have created. It will conclude in having firm decision and the right choice of your kids ideas being installed at home. Your kids are going to learn way more if you allow them to follow the responsibilities and duties that you have assigned them. Giving them the responsibilities will help them in learning about the hygiene and cleanliness that is required to be maintained.

Bringing all above mentioned factors together will be a fun job for you and your kids during the process of designing kids bathroom. Keep one thing in mind; you are going to teach something new to your kids which will definitely help them in growing further.


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