Keep your bathroom nice and shiny with vinegar

(Last Updated On: February 27, 2017)
Vinegar used for cleaning bathroom
Vinegar solution for cleaning bathroom

Are you facing problems keeping your bathroom as good as new? Is that because your cleaner is not good enough? In case you are facing such problems then there is a great household alternative to bathroom cleaners. Not many people are aware that vinegar works wonders when you are using it to clean up your bathroom. From the toilet to the shower pans, each and every nook and corner of the bathroom would shine and sparkle once cleaned with vinegar.

White distilled vinegar is great to use for cleaning of the shower and the bathtub. To remove the film over the bathtub vinegar with baking soda does the trick. Leaving the vinegar in the toilet seat is a great way to deal with the stains. Faucet corrosion can be removed when dealt with vinegar overnight. To complete the trick you can use vinegar to polish up the metals like brass used in the bathroom. This can be done when the vinegar is mixed with salt.

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