Introduction To Rubber Roofing

(Last Updated On: February 20, 2017)
Advantages and disadvantages of rubber roofing
Pros and cons of rubber roofing

Roof is by far one of the most important things to be considered while constructing your home. Choosing from the types of roof is very overwhelming as you have plenty of options and choosing the best one can be difficult. Choosing the right type of roof also depends upon the surrounding of your home. If you can think something out of box then there is rubber roofing which you can consider. It is not much common roofing types, but knowing it well can help you decide whether to opt for it or not. For getting the adequate knowledge about rubber roofing, you must know both positive and negative sides of it. Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of rubber roofing to help you whether to opt for it or not.


  • Rubber roofing is perfect for low pitched roofs and flat roofs as it is not relying on gravity just like normal shingles do.
  • Rubber roofing can be bought in 50 sheets and hence by not creating any seam and it can shrink wrap your whole roof.
  • Rubber roofing doesn’t need to be replaced very often. They can last for really long time and are much durable. They can essentially last for a time period of 30 to 50 years. They can stand very well against high winds, fire and even rain and snow. Rubber roofing is also considered as UV and ozone stable making this material no perishable one.
  • There will be very less need of repairs and maintenance. Even when there is any need of repairs, it can be done in very inexpensive and simple manner. If you are a handy person, you can you can even repair your rubber roofing yourself.
  • There are plenty of colors, textures and varieties available with rubber roofing which gives it the look of any traditional roof you want with the benefits of rubber roofs.
  • These are environment friendly roofing option as it is made from the materials which can be recycled very easily.
  • It is a waterproof material making it a great choice for saving the home structure from any kind of water damage.
  • Rubber is a material which reflects heat and hence it will help you to cut down on the cooling cost in hot days. This makes rubber roofing very much eco-friendly and a good material for insulation.
  • Rubber has less weight as compared to cedar and slate which makes the installation process very easy as the materials can be carried very easily.
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  • Rubber roofing installation
    Installation of rubber roofing

    Rubber is not a material which is very delicate but yes it is not indestructible also. Rubber can be damaged by falling of satellite dish, foot traffic or falling of branches and such other debris.

  • Rubber roofing repair is also very easy but it can be very difficult to find the location of leak for repairing it.
  • There are experts who say they have lots of experience in installation of rubber roofing whereas it is not so they have installed very few of them or only have seen in training program. This is because there is no need of any specific certificate while installing rubber roofing. You can get materials of rubber roofing at any home improvement store and thus the experts can go on bluffing about their fake experience in their installation.
  • If the rubber roofing is not installed properly then there can be leaks in your roof from the first day only.
  • The installation of rubber roofing must be done by a professional only who has specific amount of experience working with flat roofs and rubber roofs which can be quite expensive and also difficult. Rubber has come in the market inly since last 40 years and hence not many experts have experience dealing with this material. Those experts who knows installation of rubber roofing and who have good experience will charge lot more than the traditional roofers as they will be having monopoly.

After seeing advantages and disadvantages, if you are convinced to have rubber roofing installation in your home, then you can have some additional information about rubber roofing. You can get many alternatives in case of rubber roofing. Rubber roofing is mostly suited and installed on the flat roof and hence here are some of the flat rubber roofing options to choose from.

  • Asphalt sheets

Installation of asphalt sheets
Asphalt sheets on your roof

This rubber roofing material has been prevalent since the time of 1890s.  This is installed with an asphalt layer which is manufactured from fiberglass felt or any such organic material which can cover your roof and hold it in the right place with nails and asphalt cement. The life of such roofs is basically of ten years and the repairs are also fairly easy.

  • Tar and gravel

This is also popular as built up roofing. The basic concept of such roofing is layers of tar and waterproof materials which are stabilized with the stone. While installing such roof, ensure to not to use old materials like tar paper and opt for the modern materials like fiberglass. There is one concern in installing such roof is that the materials which are used to make this roof is made from waterproof membrane.

  • Sheet metal roof

These roofs are considered as one of the strongest option for roofing. The panels of these roofs are basically fabricated from big flat metal panels which are manufactured from 26 gauge coated steel. The approximate weight of this would be one pound per square foot. If you go for opting high quality materials and good installation then this material can last for a long period of time without any damage and need of repairs and replacement. However one thing to keep in kind while choosing this type of roof is that don’t fall for lower quality metal for saving money as it will cost you a lot. The warranty period of such roofs is short probably less than a year. The durability of such roofs depends upon the one who is installing it.

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