Introduction To Aluminum Siding

(Last Updated On: February 20, 2017)
Installation of Aluminum siding
Aluminum siding in home

When you are choosing the type of siding, there will be many choices encircling your mind. When it comes about aluminum siding, people think that it was in 1960 when aluminum siding was very [popular and peoples favorite but with passage of time, vinyl siding came and took over this popularity and demand. This is clearly a misconception about aluminum siding that it has lost its market demand and will never be able to regain its demand. To clear out all this misconception about aluminum siding is the sole objective of this article. Aluminum siding is still considered as a great choice and opted by many people. Popularity of aluminum siding is based upon the area you are residing in. There are certain areas where aluminum siding is perfect fit where as there are certain areas where aluminum siding is total misfit. Hence installation of aluminum siding in your home is based upon your area and weather circumstances. Aluminum siding is such exterior material which is durable and still affordable and that’s the reason why it is very much common among homeowners. Apart from this you are also available with plenty of color, styles, patterns and thickness in case of aluminum siding and hence many people opt for such siding option. These are perfect for industries as they need to cover a huge exterior ad they are always in search of something which is durable and would last long and also something which comes cheap. Hence if you want your home with industrial look then also you can go for aluminum siding. You are available with unique look if you opt for aluminum siding and combine it with stone or brick. Combining aluminum siding with stone or brick will make your home stand out among other homes in your neighborhood. We just discussed about the low costing of aluminum siding, here is an exact description of aluminum siding cost.

  • Costing of aluminum siding

The maximum costing of aluminum siding can be around $3300 for an area of 500 square feet. On a contrary the minimum costing of aluminum siding can go around $2500 for an area of around 500 square feet.

  • Pros and cons of aluminum siding

Installation of Aluminum siding
Aluminum siding installation by professional

If you are seriously thinking about installing aluminum siding installation in your home then you must be aware about each and every thing about this Material. It is very much essential to have a detail research about aluminum siding to avoid regret after installation. Hence here are some of the pros and cons which can help you to evaluate aluminum siding and come to the conclusion whether to opt for it or not. One of the major pros of aluminum siding is that it is a cost effective options and if you are tight on budget, you can go for it very easily. Along with being least expensive siding choice this is also very durable and has a good life. Hence this is such a siding options which can help you save money. Another advantage of aluminum siding is that it possesses insulating qualities naturally. Hence if you are thinking to opt for something where you can save on energy cost, you can definitely go for this option. During hot days, this siding can help to keep your cool from inside and keep the hot air outside. On the contrary situation, during winter days, aluminum siding will keep the home warm from inside and keep the cold air out of air. In both this situation, you are on the beneficial side as it will help you save your energy bills by naturally keeping it suitable with the weather conditions. This is also perfect choice for eco-friendly home owners wanting to keep carbon footprints to the minimum. Aluminum siding is also nonflammable; make it reliable choice for those home owners who want to keep their foundation safe in the situation of fire. Along with this, even if there is fire, aluminum siding will not produce any harmful fumes which is not the case with vinyl siding.

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However with such beautiful advantages, there are also some drawbacks to be seen. However hard this material, it has inherited the industrial look which can be a big con of this material. There is no chance that this material can come a bit close to the look of wood siding and give competition to that. The same is the case with fiber cement and vinyl siding, aluminum siding cannot compete with the look. Apart from the looks, aluminum siding can be very noisy when there is high winds and this can be really disturbing to stay in a home with such noise. Apart from this this material is also very sensitive when there is case of resistance of fire or issues of bending or cracking. Aluminum siding is also prone to denting. This can be a real issue for those who are residing in area with hail storms.

  • Painting aluminum siding

Getting your aluminum siding painted
Painting aluminum siding

Those homeowners who already have aluminum siding and they are bored with the same design and pattern and need some change can go for aluminum siding paint. You can go for painting aluminum siding and change the look of it. However, in case of any metal siding, if you want the best result, you need to consider spraying finish on it. Before you paint your aluminum siding, you will have to remove the loose finish so that new paint will adhere properly on your siding. Your siding will be prone to various issues, if paint is peel off. The major problem can be of moisture and your surface will get rust. Hence it is advisable to paint it before any such issue arises. Choose the paint which is specifically designed for aluminum. It’s better not to take any risk while painting your aluminum siding. Opt for choosing a latex paint as it is more elastic and there is no fear of cracks in case of expansions and contractions. Ensure that you are not using dark paint color as it will absorb the heat and make your home warm.

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