Installing your Home Fuse Box

(Last Updated On: January 6, 2017)
process of fitting home fuse box
Home Fuse Box installation at home

Follow the instructions given billow to install your home fuse box.


1. First, the main power to the house should be shut off. After removing the cover to the fuse box attach the fuse box to the wall with screws. The three electric cables coming from the electric meter into the fuse box should be pulled out.

2. The end of each black cable should be inserted into a lug in the upper center of the fuse box. The end of the white cable should be fastened to the lug on the neutral bar in the fuse box.

3. At the top of the box you should install 240-volt circuits to the main fuses. The two stripped black wires and white wires are attached by bending their ends and putting the ends around the screws on the side of the main fuse holders.

4. The 120-volt circuits are installed to the fuses located in the middle of the fuse box. After stripping the end of the wires for the first circuit bend the end of the wires to attach them to the screws. The end of the black wire is wrapped around the screw on the first fuse. The white wire and the bare neutral wires are wrapped around screws on the neutral bar.

5. Put the cover back on the fuse box once the installation of all of the circuits is complete. Plug both holders into the fuse box and push them firmly into the sockets and screw the fuses into the fuse sockets.

Electrician upgrading the fuse box
Upgrading the fuse box by electrician

After you are done with installation of home fuse box, you must have realized that it is not an easy thing to do and you must do the procedure very safely. However when you are installing a fuse box, you might think you are done with the job and you won’t have to something of similar nature again. But it is not so. Everything installed in your home including your fuse box, will need to be upgraded at some or the other point of time. Hence while you are learning the process of installing a fuse box, you should also learn the need and process of upgrading your fuse box along with. This might not be needed now, but it will definitely help you in future years. You will be ready when any such need arises. Here is everything which you need to learn about upgrading your fuse box or even switch boards.

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The first and foremost thing to do is to know the right time to know about upgrading your fuse box. There are certain indications through which you will come to know when it is compulsory to upgrade your fuse box.  Here are the four basic conditions which will show you that this is the right time you need to upgrade your fuse box.

  • You need to upgrade your fuse box, when you start feeling that it is unsafe.
  • You need to upgrade your fuse box when it stops coping with the demands you are putting on them.
  • Another sign which indicates that you need to replace your fuse box is when it starts getting overheated and also trip fuses on frequent basis.
  • One of the another indication of upgrading your fuse box is when it is not able to extend and cover up the demands of any new appliances brought in your home like pool pumps or air conditioners.

If you are having the Fuse box of old porcelain having the fuse wire in your Brisbane home, then there is serious need of upgrading this fuse box with the one having circuit breakers which will be protecting the property and also the people.

How much it is going to take to replace a fuse box?

Just like all other things, the change of fuse box will differ from house to house. Hence there is no particular or specific answer to this question as to how much it is going to take for replacing a fuse box. The most basic change of fuse box is upgrading from an old school type of fuse box to a modern and more safe side option will generally take four hours.  It can differ from type of fuse box and also the type of house. If you are having a home which is more than 25 years old, then you will have a need to upgrade all of your main powers and make them comply with power requirement which is of the increased level. For doing this, you will have to upgrade the cable size to your fuse box which might take time period of eight hours of more. In the old days, fuse box can be located almost anywhere in the house which made the task of upgrading it really tricky specifically for the poor meter reader. In today’s time, there is a series of legal needs as to where should be a fuse box be placed. If you are upgrading your fuse box and the location of your fuse box is not complying with the legal needs, then the location must be changed to an area which should be less than 2 meters from ground and within the area of two meters from the front of the home which should easily accessible for the meter readers. This will some more hours of work.

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What is the cost of upgrading a fuse box?

Cost calculation of fuse box
Calculating cost of fuse box

Upgrading a fuse box is not as simple as removing the old one and putting the new one in its place. According to the law, when you want to upgrade the fuse box, your electrician should be bringing the electric wiring system to the present legal standards. Hence the cost of your fuse box up gradation depends on the type of home and system you have in your home. It also depends on what and how much is need to be done. But any homeowners should have a basic idea about the cost before they start with such up gradation. Exact cost cannot be said hence here sis some estimation of costing. For upgrading a basic fuse box having safety switch protection with all needed circuit cost will range in between $900 to $1200, based on the number of circuit you have on your home. If there is a need of upgrading the main system or even relocating your fuse box, then there will be certain additional costing which will involve cost of $2000 to $3000.

Is there a need to replace circuit breakers?

The base of circuit breaker and fuse is almost the same. Both of them will detect the issue and there circuit will be opened for stopping the current. The only difference between both of them is the time needed for doing the job. Both circuit breaker and fuse have undergone several technological changes. However the new and recent models are far better in terms of safety and work and they are also quite quick as compared with that of earlier versions.

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Ceramic fuse

Replacing ceramic fuse
Ceramic fuse, old type of fuse

Ceramic fuses are also known as SERF which means semi enclosed, rewireable fuse.  These are the old school type of electrical protection for your home. These are those sorts where you can run the fuse wire around some of the screws before you plug them into the fuse box. This will give the short circuit and also overload the protection and also give limited protection to the property. It gives no protection from the electrical shocks.

Plugin circuit breaker

The second level of development in the fuse is plug in breaker. These are basically plugged into the old porcelain base of fuse. These are a step forward from those bunches of wires in the dark but they still have the similar protection level as that of fuse. Several electricians swap them with wrong ratings and they also made the mistake of overloading the cablings which can be seriously very much dangerous. S

Hardwire circuit breaker

One of the best things about this one step ahead hardwired circuit breaker is that it avails with the utmost amount of safety as it cannot be swapped very much by some over enthusiastic DIYers. These are also quick as compared to plugin circuit breaker and fuse but also provide with overload protection and short circuit.

Safety switches

One of the huge steps towards improvement is safety switches. This gives a great amount of safety not only against the circuit but also against the electrical shock. This was the first in this type. Basically you will have one safety switch which will be linked to the various numbers of circuit breakers. However, this have a major drawback that when it is tripped, it will take out supply of your whole house.


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