Installing your Home Fuse Box

process of fitting home fuse box
Home Fuse Box installation at home

Follow the instructions given billow to install your home fuse box.


1. First, the main power to the house should be shut off. After removing the cover to the fuse box attach the fuse box to the wall with screws. The three electric cables coming from the electric meter into the fuse box should be pulled out.

2. The end of each black cable should be inserted into a lug in the upper center of the fuse box. The end of the white cable should be fastened to the lug on the neutral bar in the fuse box.

3. At the top of the box you should install 240-volt circuits to the main fuses. The two stripped black wires and white wires are attached by bending their ends and putting the ends around the screws on the side of the main fuse holders.

4. The 120-volt circuits are installed to the fuses located in the middle of the fuse box. After stripping the end of the wires for the first circuit bend the end of the wires to attach them to the screws. The end of the black wire is wrapped around the screw on the first fuse. The white wire and the bare neutral wires are wrapped around screws on the neutral bar.

5. Put the cover back on the fuse box once the installation of all of the circuits is complete. Plug both holders into the fuse box and push them firmly into the sockets and screw the fuses into the fuse sockets.

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