Installing Trim Around Garage Door Opening

(Last Updated On: April 11, 2017)
Trim installation around garage door
Installing trim around garage door

Despite of the fact whether you are intending to install trim around the Garage door because it is getting quite old or you want to install trim around a new garage door that you just installed, the process of doping it is very easy. If you are a handy person and have experience of it a bit then you don’t have any need to go to the professional and you can just save some of your bucks. For installing trim around garage door, you will need to pick some considerable amount of time out and you will need right tools to accomplish the job. Let’s start with the tools you will need for installing trim around garage door.

  • Tape measure
  • Weather stripping
  • Hammer
  • Flat head screwdriver
  • Sander
  • Finishing nails
  • Hack saw
  • New garage door trim
  • Sandpaper
  • Crow bar

After getting packed with all the required tools, you can finally start with the process of installing trim around garage door opening.

  • Get rid of the old trim


If you are already having the trim around your garage door then you will have to detach it before you start with the process of installing the new one. Before you pry the old trim off, ensure that you are opening up the garage door from all the possible ways for ensuring that you are not damaging it when you are removing the old trim. Be very careful and detach the doorjamb by making use of either a flat head screwdriver or crowbar depending upon the size of the trim which you want to remove. Ensure that you have removed all the nails either by using the trim or by pulling all of them out or using hammer prongs. Make sure you are not damaging your door while using any of the above methods. Once you are finished with the job of removing each and everything, you will have a need to sand the area down for ensuring that it is appropriately smooth for installation of newer trim. For accomplishing the job bit faster, you can make use of a sander. It will make it quick and easy. The area should be smooth before you carry on further with the next job.

  • Cut the trim to appropriate size

Once you are done with removing all the trims, you can then close your garage door. After that measure the appropriate size of your garage door opening by using a tape measure and note down the correct size. While taking the measurement, take measurement of both width and height of the garage door. This will give you proper idea of how your tall trim should be. Take a hacksaw and cut the trim to the length you want.   If you have any need of adding the trim to the other parts of the door also then you will also have to cut those pieces as well.

  • Place the weather stripping

Take help of a friend or any family member for placing the trim above the garage. Before you start to lift the trim, position any of the weather stripping which you would like to place behind or nearby the trim at the place you want. This will save you up from the problems which can arise while installing it at later stage. Lift up the trim at the location you desire and nail it up with hammer for keeping it intact to that place. Make sure that you use finishing nails properly so that the trim doesn’t fall off. The nails must be one foot apart from one another for getting the desired outcome.

  • Trim the sides of garage


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Trimming sides of garage door
Sides trimming of garage door

Just like you trim above the garage, ensure that you are placing any weather stripping that you wish first and then place the trim. Use a hammer and put the nails in its place by keeping a distance of 1 foot. Pick only one side at one time and ask someone to get the hold of the trim while you are working for keeping it sturdy and straight. Once you are done with adding the trim, you should use a caulk gun for getting any openings or the areas that you have missed to save your trim from the water damage to your trim or the things kept in your garage.

When you are done with installing trim around garage door, you would be concerned about maintenance and weather stripping of the garage door. You don’t want a chipping sound to come from the garage door every single time you open and close or you don’t want any hindrance in your garage door and for avoiding these issues, you have to take accurate measures to maintain and weather-strip your garage door. Here is a brief idea on maintaining and weather-stripping your garage door.

Maintaining garage door



Man painting garage door
Garage door painting

The basic maintenance step you should be taking is to paint. This can alter the appearance of your garage door. When exposed to the exterior elements, wooden garage door can probably crack and steel door can rust and if you are having fiberglass doors then it can result in fading and peeling off or becoming brittle. Take some time and see whether the foundation of your garage door is adequately covered or not. By doing so, you will be able to extend the working life of your garage door.

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Weather stripping



If the installation of your garage door is done adequately then it must be having spacing all the way. Your garage door will be covering all the opening to the garage but there will still be a small gap which should be basically covered up by the weather-stripping. There would be flexible rubber material which would move when the door opens or close. This will basically form a seal in between door frame and the door. After passage of time if you are intending to replace the weather stripping then you can do it and it will be available to you at any of the hardware store.

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