Installing the Over the Post Handrail

(Last Updated On: February 27, 2017)
post handrail for home stairs
Installing Post Handrail at home

The over-the-post handrail consists of the top rail on top of the main posts, which gives the rail a continuous, one-piece flow.


1. Read the building codes which govern stair construction requirements, each area may have different requirements.

2. The over the post rail should be firmly installed into its frame.
At the two-inch mark at the edge of stair case, measure off the width for the newels. Using a straight edge draw the center line onto the floor where you want the rail to be installed. The newel should divide the center line.

3. Look at the rail and see if you want it divided into sections.

4. By referring to your code sheet see newel heights allowed for your area. Rail thickness should be considered as part of your total height.

5. The newel should be cut according the correct length decided by the calculation. The cut and notched newel is securely attached to the framing of the rail section with bolts, screws, wood glue, as per the code requirement. The newel pin is inserted into the top of it.

6. Cut the rail carefully after measuring and install as per local stair building coding.

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