Installing Multifunction Shower System

(Last Updated On: February 27, 2017)
Design of Fascinating Shower System for Bathroom
Pattern of shower System for Bathroom

The multifunction shower system gives you a better showering experience than a single shower head unit.


1. The rough-in valve is mounted onto the rough plumbing already in place. The system is positioned so that the hot water side is on the left and the cold is on the right.

2. The left side of the valve is connected to the hot water side, marked H, referring to the enclosed diagram that came with the unit. Repeat the same procedure for the right side of the system. From the bottom of the marked valve, number 1 or letter A, install and route the water supply to the desired location on the shower wall.

3. The personal hand-held shower head is installed 12 inches below the valve.

4. The water supply marked number 2 or letter B, is mounted, from the top of the main system valve to the usual location of the shower head. The height used normally is six feet, six inches from shower floor to fixture base.

5. Connect the water supply to the body sprayers and finish the installation.

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