Installing Ceramic Tiles on Sheetrock

(Last Updated On: February 27, 2017)
women installing ceramic tiles on wall
Fixing of ceramic tiles on walls of bathroom

Ceramic tiles are installed over sheetrock, or drywall to remodel the look of your room.


1. Spread out your ceramic tiles on the floor in front of the wall.

2. Using a thin, straight stick made up of a 1-by-2-inch board, mark the tile and grout joint locations for each tile both vertically and horizontally, if your tiles are square.

3. After measuring the height and width of the wall with a measuring tape, at both sides, mark the center.

4. Apply the adhesive in small sections, working quickly, spreading the adhesive smoothly with the trowel.

5. Set the tiles into place, using spacers between tiles as you work. Using jury stick to determine placement, continue to place the tiles.

6. Continue to spread adhesive and setting tiles until the entire wall is covered. Allow the wall to rest, after completion to allow the adhesive to set completely for 24 hours.

7. Apply grout according to directions with a grout float and apply over top the ceramic tiles, pressing the grout into the joints.

8. Using a slightly damp sponge wipe excess grout from the walls as you work. The grout is allowed to dry completely to finish.

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