Installation of drywall can be helpful

(Last Updated On: February 25, 2017)
Installation of drywall
necessity of installation of drywall

Drywall was introduced in 1916, by the U.S Gypsum Company. This company still produces the product. They were initially introduced as fire proof tiles and then it was sold as a single piece of gypsum that was between two sheets of heavy paper. Gypsum is a mineral made out of sulfate that looks much like white sand and has large amounts of water in it. New Mexico has the world’s one of the largest gypsum beds. After being mined it is brought into the factory and mixed with additives to form a paste. This paste is then laid on to paper and then cooked in ovens. This is then dried to get the boards out of it.

Before dry wall was introduced buildings were constructed with the help of plasters. But since drywall is less expensive than plaster, it was thought to be inferior. But after World War II, the use of drywall became quite famous because it was cheap as well as quite easy to handle. With the help of these drywalls, structures could be built at a faster pace. Today it is widely used in home construction.

A basic and normal drywall sheet is 4 inches X 8 inches in size. 10 foot long and 12 foot long pieces are also available. The drywall that is used for walls is 0.5 inches thick and the ones used for the ceilings are 0.625 inches thick. Different kinds of drywalls are available in the market these days. After cutting and hanging, finishing of the drywall is essential. The finishing requires various steps which must be done carefully by the professionals. Drywalls can also be used to design architectural features. This is a very valuable step, as it is durable and fire resistant. If you want a wall and ceiling repair then you must talk to a contractor and make the use of drywalls.

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