Important Tips on Replacing your Roof

(Last Updated On: February 20, 2017)
Person replacing Roof
Roof replacing tips

Like most of the major home improvement projects, roofing is also amongst the important project that should be consider important too. Trust me, replacing a roof with the new one is not an easy job or can be performed every day. In fact we can say, most if the home owners replace the roof once in every sixteen to twenty years. If you’re thinking that replacing the roof requires less efforts and cost expenditure, than you’re wrong. It requires huge amount of expenditure because of materials and tools used, hiring roofing contractors and selecting the style of roofing. Here is some tiny amount of guiding tips for helping the home owners out there for understanding the best approach of replacing your roof at your home.

Tips on replacing your roof:

Measuring the roof size:

It’s advisable of hiring a roofing contractor. They have better knowledge and understanding because of their profession for the same. Roofing contractor helps in measuring your roof and offers you with the estimated number of your roof size. It helps in knowing that hoe much roofing materials you’re going to need in replacing your roof.

A square is amount of materials needed for covering at least hundred square feet. So let’s assume that a roof with 30 squares has 3000 square feet of area surface to be covered. It’s advisable of keeping your budget in mind while planning of buying and estimating the materials needed.

Re-roof or not?

Person Re-roofing the roof
Re-roofing tips

Planning of re-roofing your roof again? It’s advisable of asking for your roofing contractor before heading forward. Like many of the home improving projects, replacing the roof might be much costlier for the home owners. One way if you’re thinking to save money by re-roofing your roof- it simply means that placing new roofing shingles on the old ones, but, it’s advisable of saving your money on labor cost or while selecting the material.

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As re-roofing your roof is not a good idea to go with. It might seem that you’re inviting the potential problems that might outweigh the benefits of your roof. In fact placing the roof over a roof might decrease the longevity and the durability of your roof. It might lead to eventually build up problems attracting moisture in your roof.

There might be even issues with the underlying decking that are not repaired and are uncovered. If you’re still re-roofing your roof, it’s advisable of checking the roofing shingle’s warranty for avoiding any loss on coverage due to re-roofing your roof.

Proper ventilation:

One of the easiest yet important elements that help in offering a longer durability to your roof is proper ventilation. It helps in increasing the life of your roof. It’s advisable of ensuring that your roof is available with enough amount of ventilation that helps in modulating the attic space and temperature during summers and helps in reducing the buildup of moisture in winters.

It’s advisable of asking your roofing contractor of which type of venting is included in the roofing project for ensuring the longevity and sound durability of your roof.

Protective roof covering:

Person installing roof Covering
Roof Covering installed by home owner

It’s always important to note that roofing shingles should never be fixed or mounted directly on the raw wood of the roof. Place protective covering or covering made up of felt helps in offering protecting from an additional ice and water shield requires for completely protecting your home. Well, it’s most important for the areas where heavy rain falls and icy temperature is observed.

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It’s advisable for ensuring that your roofing contractor is including all the additional installation materials that is required while replacing your roof like fasteners, drip edges, and flashing are certainly the parts of the prices what are included in the list.

Repair the wood installed under the roofing shingles:

Professional roofing repair not only includes removing of old roofing shingles, but also includes any repairing necessary in the underlying wooden surface under the roofing shingles. It’s your duty for making sure that your roofing contractor is making a proper not and allowing these type of repairing aspects if found repairing while replacing your roof.

It’s never advisable of placing the new roofing shingles over the faulty wooden surface because it might lead in reducing the longevity and life of the new roofing shingles placed.

Inspection of roof:

Properly and accurately installed roofing style at your home helps in protecting your home and also offers possession for many upcoming years. It’s advisable to the home owners of discussing this assessment consist of and how your roofing contractor will ensure that your new roof is completely according to your satisfaction. Even some of the roofing contractor also offers independent certifications and inspection for your complete satisfaction.

Don’t focus much on pricing agent:

The ultimate aim of the home owners is to find the lowest rates for installing the new roof or replacing the older one. No doubt, price should be the consideration but not all the times. The most important part of the project is the value and the investment to be invested. Ask necessary question to the roofing contractor you’re hiring. Ask for the amount of charge the contractor will charge for installing a new roof at your home.

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Consider and ask that the price covers each and elements of roofing like ventilation, roofing inspection, fasteners, permit, and protective coverings as well as the flashing materials required for placing the new roof.

Know your roofing contractor:

Are you sure you know your roofing contractor well? Is your roofing contractor bonded and licensed? Does your roofing contractor have adequate and accurate roofing insurance? What warranties they provide on the tools and materials over the roofing things? And many more of the question should be asked by the home owner to the roofing contractor before heading forward of hiring him. It’s important because it will help you in identifying that your roofing contractor is enough capable for formulating and installing a whole new of the roof on your home or not. Don’t forget to check the reliability of your roofing contractor for installing a whole new roof.

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