Ideas To Update Your Kitchen

(Last Updated On: March 18, 2017)
Ideas to update your kitchen
Ways to update your kitchen

You might be watching movies and cooking shows and would be thinking, why can’t you have kitchen like that. You will be bored with your current kitchen and want some change in it. If you want kitchen like that you have to stop thinking and start executing all the creative ideas you get. It feels really boring to cook in the same old kitchen since years without any change. Hence take some steps and update your kitchen to the latest kitchen trends. Kitchen is heart of your entire house and if it is not good, you will not like your home that much. In today’s time there are various ideas to update your kitchen even in small budget circumstances. You can hire a contractor for updating your kitchen or you can also go for a DIY project for the same. However any ways you choose for updating your kitchen, you need to do some research on your own. Take ideas from internet to update your kitchen or refer some home improvement magazines. Some of the basic changes you can make to update your kitchen are to change the kitchen cabinets and countertops. Changing this much only, will make a huge difference in your kitchen. If you are seeking for something else for updating your kitchen then you can check this article and get some interesting ideas for implementing while updating your kitchen.

  • Add some interesting lighting

Now lighting is something which makes a huge difference in your kitchen look. Add some elegant pendent lights and it will become the new focal point in your kitchen and you will get rid of the bring feeling you got from the same old kitchen. You can opt for the hand blown glass pendent as it will look beautiful and versatile.

  • Add up new handles and pulls

Changing the hardware of the cabinets is one of the easy and interesting ways of updating your kitchen. Try out some colorful options, majority of the times people prefer for the sober and elegant colored handles and pulls but if you want some change in the normal pattern of your kitchen then try some cute colors which will add funky look to your kitchen and make it look bit different from the previous one. There are also various shapes for handles and pulls; you can also try them for updating your kitchen. There are shape of fork, spoon, mini chickens and several other which looks really innovative in your old aged kitchen.

  • Consider painting your kitchen
Painting your kitchen for updating it
Painting your kitchen like a pro

Painting is one of the most effective ways of updating you kitchen. Now it is not a minor change, it is major change in your kitchen and it will transform your kitchen on a whole. You can try some bold colors if you like them and see a major difference in your kitchen adding more interest in it. If you cannot paint the whole kitchen with such bold color, then consider painting a wall with such color or add wall art to one wall and keep the rest of the wall simple. This wall will drag the attention and without changing any other thing also enhances the look of your entire kitchen. If not even walls, then you can consider painting your kitchen cabinets as it is one of the effective ways of updating your kitchen.

  • Add a rug

Your kitchen can also look dull and uninteresting when you have a dull and old flooring. Changing the flooring on a whole for updating your kitchen can be quite a big expenditure and you cannot afford it. However you have another alternative to change the look of your flooring without even changing the floor. You can add rugs on the floor of your kitchen and hide the actual flooring. This will also make standing in the kitchen for long hours more comfortable. Here cleaning can be a minor issue but vacuum it daily to maintain it. Choose bold and dark colors to update your kitchen with rugs as light colors will show spills easily and will also get dirty very easily.

  • Change the faucet

Sold and dull faucet is also a big drawback in good looking kitchen. Hence consider changing the faucet of your kitchen sink for updating your kitchen. This is a minor change and will not cost much as you can also do it yourself if you are a handy person.

  • Change the window treatment

Window treatment also can change the entire look of your kitchen. There are plenty of options for window treatment like shutters, blinds, drapes, valance, and curtains. Check your kitchen and see which will suit in the best manner for your kitchen. Make sure to choose such a window treatment which allows good amount of light to enter in your kitchen as a dark kitchen will never look good and interesting.

  • Accessorize your kitchen
Kitchen decor with accessories
Decorating kitchen with accessories

One of the best ways to update your kitchen is to accessorize your kitchen. Add some cute and decorative accessories like flower vase in your kitchen and it will look very cute. You can also consider buying new appliances for updating your kitchen. You can go for small appliances like juicer or toaster and you can see the difference it makes to looks of your kitchen along with the taste of your food. Now making expense here is not really an expense it is an investment as you are going to use it daily.

  • Add stylish storage

Kitchen is such a place which needs storage the most as there is unlimited list of things to keep and to use. When the space is less in the kitchen and the things to store are too much it will make your kitchen look like a big mess.  Hence consider adding some stylish storage for updating your kitchen. Try adding shelves and store your things in those shelves. You can also create a functional display space for strong the everyday dishes.

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