Ideas To Arrange Your Bedroom Furniture

(Last Updated On: February 21, 2017)
Arranging bedroom furniture
Tips of arranging bedroom furniture

Your bedroom is by far most beautiful room in your whole home. Bedroom is the place where you get your sweet dreams and hence it is important that you get a relaxing and peaceful environment in your bedroom. Empty bedroom is never a bedroom; you always need decorative furniture in your bedroom. Just like you need new accessories with clothes, you also need furniture for bedroom. When you are arranging your bedroom furniture, you need to be very precise and practical. Loading too much furniture in your bedroom and arranging your bedroom furniture in haphazard manner can make your bedroom to look too much cluttered and clumsy. Arrangement of bedroom furniture should be such that you can have adequate space to move around in the room. Your bedroom and its style should be such which should be reflecting your personality and style and choose and arrange your bedroom furniture very carefully. Here are some of the tips to arrange your bedroom furniture efficiently.

  • Know the layout of your bedroom

Before you even start to arrange your bedroom furniture, you start up with buying it. Most important decision should be taken while buying your bedroom furniture. You can get the perfect furniture for your bedroom only when you know your bedroom properly. First of all, you check out the setting of your bedroom and then figure out which furniture will fit in which manner in your bedroom. Check out the size of the wall and also the window placement as they play key roles while arranging your bedroom furniture. Use measure tape and then take exact measurement of the wall. Also check the electrical points in the bedroom. You need to keep electric fittings in mind while arranging your bedroom furniture as you will have to fit TV, lamp and such other devices. You also need to place closets and hence you have to check which walls don’t have doors and windows so that you can place your closet on that wall. Take due care of all this before your buy your bedroom furniture as it will ease up arranging your bedroom furniture process.

  • Take adequate measurement of your furniture

Measuring your furniture
Measure your furniture first

Decide beforehand as to which pieces of furniture you would be wanting in your bedroom. Take measurement of that furniture and then compare it with the available space of your bedroom. This will give you proper ideas as to whether the furniture will fit in your bedroom or not. Decide this before you even start to move all your heavy furniture in your bedroom. You need to decide how you are going to arrange your bedroom furniture before you bring all those things in. The most important thing in the bedroom is your mattress and hence you must have adequate measurement of your mattress. Here is a mattress measurement chart, see it and compare with the size of your bedroom to know which sized mattress will fit in and look proper.

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Mattress Measurement

Size of mattress Measurement of mattress(in inches)
Twin sized mattress 39*75
Full size or double sized mattress 54*75
Queen sized mattress 60*80
King sized mattress 76*80
California king sized mattress 72*84


  • Decide how you will use your bedroom

Sleeping is for sure one of the definite activities which you are going to use your bedroom for. But there are many people who use their bedroom not just for sleeping but for many more reasons. You will watch TV in your bedroom or you will also have some office work to do in your bedroom or you will get dressed up in your bedroom or you will make your hairs or put make up in your bedroom. All this affects a lot while arranging your bedroom furniture or even choosing your bedroom furniture. You also need to decide whether the bedroom is for a single person or for two persons. Also take future needs into account. If you are going to use it for yourself only but soon you will get married then you have to arrange your bedroom furniture in a way which is suitable for two.

  • Pick up properly sized furniture

Give a thought to your bedroom size while arranging your bedroom furniture. Give focus on the matter whether you are having a small room or you are having a large room with wide spaces? If you are having a small bedroom and you have big pieces of furniture, then arranging your bedroom furniture can be really a pain in head. It is not going to look good, as most of the space will get cluttered and the room will look clumsy and small. On a contrary if you are having big room and setting up smaller furniture will make the room very much empty and unappealing. Hence size of the furniture must be according to the size of your bedroom. Match up your furniture size with your room before you buy it.

  • Start arranging your bedroom furniture with bed

Arranging bed in bedroom
Start arranging bed in bedroom

Bed is most important part of your bedroom and all the other things should be according to the bed. If you have very beautiful bed then while arranging your bedroom furniture, you must set your bed in the center of all the walls in front of the door. This will make your bed the focal point of your bedroom and as it is beautiful it will increase the beauty of your bedroom. Another popular placement of the bed can be in between two windows, if your bedroom is having two windows on one wall. While arranging your bedroom furniture, make sure you have adequate space around your bed to move around easily.

  • Consider multipurpose furniture pieces

When buying and arranging your bedroom furniture, try to opt for that furniture which has multiple uses. Say for example you can go for buying box beds. By having such beds, you will get your bed to sleep along with an additional storage space to keep your extra things in. Having such storage efficient furniture pieces, you will get added space and make your bedroom to look less messy. When you go for buying night stands, buy those which are having drawers as you can keep your books, chargers and such daily usage things in those nightstand drawers making your bedroom look cleaner.

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