Ideas on Bathroom Floor Coverings

(Last Updated On: March 31, 2017)
Image of Bathroom floor covering
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In today’s time, home owners have varied amount of choices that can be used in the form of their bathroom floor coverings. Bathroom floor coverings like carpets, Rugs, laminates, Vinyl floors, stones, Carpet tiles, and ceramic tiles are certainly some of the examples of it. The list stated below will help you in identifying your budget and style that you want to install in your home. Here is the detailed description off all the options that are available for covering the surface of your bathroom. You can make your choice that can be used in the form of your bathroom floor coverings.

Bathroom floor coverings:


Carpet tiles:

There are many benefits of installing carpet tiles as your option of bathroom floor coverings. But the most important one is that when a particular area of the bathroom carpet tile gets dirty, you need to only replace that one with the new one and not the entire carpet tiles installed. But, you need to keep in mind that there are no such varieties available in carpet tiles, so if you’re planning of opting for different colors and patterns, it is advisable of installing carpet. But with its benefits, there are also disadvantages that it is difficult to clean the carpet tiles as it needs more care and maintenance on the same time.

Bathroom carpets:

Bathroom carpet option installed
Installed Bathroom carpet

Well, one of the biggest benefit of installing bathroom carpet is it feels soft beneath your foot. and are also efficient in non-slipping. Even, bathroom carpets are cheaper as compared to other floor covering options like carpet tiles and stones. But, installing bathroom carpet has also its drawbacks that you need to accept with it.

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If you do not perform the process of cleaning your carpet regularly, it might end up making your carpet musky and dirty. Many a times it is observed to be increasing the ratio of mold and mildew on the surface of your carpet. Bathroom is basically such type of place that requires proper ventilation. If you don’t have any vents in bathroom, it simply will not absorb any moisture presence in the room. This will end up getting the water into the carpets installed.

Even, after using your carpet for few years, you might need to change and replace your carpet with the new one. But in today’s trend, there are different types of bathroom carpets available like a foam back carpet that has becomes quite popular for the concern of bathroom usage. While it also has certainly many benefits like the color and patterns you can select on your won. Even you can customize to have a best look for your bathroom.

Ceramic tiles for bathroom:

When it comes for the ideal choice and option for bathroom floor coverings, ceramic tiles ids your option. It has gained way more popularity in the terms of bathroom floor options. It is non-porous and the process of cleaning them is very easy. You can easily maintaining them. Ceramic tiles are also resistant to accumulation of allergy and moisture on the surface. It helps in reducing the chances of getting infection. Even the process of installing ceramic tiles is way easier and is also available in different types of patterns and colors. Select your favorite one and enjoy the rest in your bathroom.

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Everything comes with its negative sides too, so in ceramic tiles. When it comes for the cons of ceramic tiles, they can easily break as they are fine more delicate in installation. These types of tiles are slippery when they are wet and even cold to touch during winters. It is advisable to add up a bathroom rug on the surface of the ceramic tiles, as it will prove to be helpful and will also look beautiful.

Vinyl and laminate floor options:

Vinyl floor installed
Vinyl floor installed in bathroom

Laminates and vinyl floor options are among the most popular choice that most of the home owners prefer for their bathroom. Even, there are many manufacturers that offer the option of laminate floors for the bathroom. That is specially designs and manufactured for the purpose of installing in bathroom. But, there are many restrictions involved when it comes for the durability of the option. You need to keep in mind that laminate floors not only require special attention but also require special types of techniques for enduring its installation process.

And on the other hand, home owners also have the option of vinyl bathroom floors. It is comparatively much easier in installing. It also looks similar to that of laminate floors. But, there are many benefits of installing vinyl floors that surpasses laminate floors. Vinyl floors are waterproof and consist of longer durability period. But when it comes for the drawbacks, vinyl floors are very much slippery when they are wet. And laminates are not much slippery as compared to vinyl floors. It is not much cold also as compared to other flooring options.

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Even, the look, pattern and the color options of the bathroom floor also do make a huge appearance dispute. It is advisable of taking lighter colors into consideration while installing your bathroom flooring option. It will look more clean and neat than using the darker ones. Whenever you’re selecting the flooring option for your bathroom, make sure of waterproofing it first. This will help in not spoiling the foundation of your home. If no water is accumulated on the base of the bathroom, it will prevent the accumulation of mold and mildew on the surface too.

Better protection is available to the flooring option in your home. As water not only damages the surface of your floor, but it also results in building up of mold and mildew on the surface. Even the trend of using bamboo as the option of flooring for bathroom is increasing a lot. It is more suitable according to the appearance of the bathroom. Make it your choice for installing a beautiful looked flooring option for your bathroom in your home.

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