Ideas For Window Treatment

(Last Updated On: February 21, 2017)
Various Window treatments
Different window treatments

Whatever style of home you have, you will always need a nice window treatment to beautify your home. If you choose the right type of window treatment, it will always upgrade the ambience of your home which will enhance the style of your home. There are plenty of styles of window treatment, choosing the one which suits with the kind of house you have is difficult. You can see pictures to get window treatment ideas. It also depends upon the place as to which type of treatment to opt for. Window treatment for French doors will be different from window treatment for sliding doors. Window treatment for kitchen will be different from window treatment for large windows. If you some ideas and knowledge, you can visit window treatment stores near you and know window treatment types better. Even bedroom window treatment ideas would be different from window treatment for living room. Hence educate yourself as to where you want window treatment to be installed and how you want it to be like. For starters, window treatments are basically classified in two types’ shades or blinds. Basically blinds are hard window treatments which are composed of movable slats which have to be tilted for opening or closing when the blind is lowered. In case of shades, they have to be lowered or raised with a cording system or a spring component. Majority of the times, blinds and shades are used interchangeably as both these terms cover up the largest category of window coverings. Blinds and shades are totally customizable as they offer totally privacy control and also light control. They also have endless choices and deigns and options to choose from. Here are some of the ideas for window treatment.

  • Wood blinds

Initially it was thought that wood blinds are seen only in a library or a den types of places but it is not so. These are also seen in many homes and they look amazing. Wood blinds are nothing but natural woods slats which are either stained or painted. They are basically the classic treatments which are complementing many of the decorative styles along with having simple construction which makes it really easy to operate. There are plenty of finishes which are available starting from light pine to bamboo and rich stained ebony. Various slat sizes are available depending upon the degree of control which you would like in respect of light control and privacy. If you want to go for a stylish look, apply a layer of wood blind along with drapery or top it with a valance.

  • Faux wood blinds

Faux wood blinds
Installed faux wood blinds

If you want to go for best look and you don’t want to complicate your look, faux wood blinds should be your choice. Faux wood blinds are really affordable, they are also very much efficient and they are also attractive. One of other benefits of having this window treatment installed in your home is that it is also low maintenance. This clearly indicates that there is no fading and no fraying. These blinds just need a quick and easy swipe once in a while. With all these benefits, what’s there to not to love. These blinds looks just like and also gives the feel of wood blinds but are less expensive and the durability factor is also more. As these blinds are not going to fade or warp, they are probably the best option for cli mates which are humid or rooms having high moisture like kitchens and bathrooms.

  • Shutters

Shutters are extremely dynamic for an architectural statement. They are very much functional type of window treatment and also gives dam beautiful look to your home. They can also add a significant value to your home. Shutters will help you to have a control on the incoming light which will offer privacy when they are closed and will also help to insulate against the heat, sound and cold in an efficient manner. Shutters are those types of window treatment which will add traditional sophistication and timeless beauty to any of the rooms. These types of window treatments are so attractive that it gives you feel of living in a cottage on the beach side. If you want to enjoy that feel, you can probably try applying shutters in your home.

  • Mini blinds

If you are really tight on your budget and wondering for something which is really low in cost, in fact the lowest option for window treatment, then you can opt for mini binds. These are the basic types of blinds which has the function of providing privacy and having control on the light with a simple twist of wand. Mini blinds can be availed in plenty of colors, plenty of materials as well with difference in its thickness to solve the issue of your light control. Mini blinds will be able to offer minimum level of treatment.

  • Panel track blinds

Panel track blinds are the best choice for those having sliding glass doors and also the large picture windows. You can also apply this on the vinyl vertical blinds. These are the best fit when you want to cover large space. Here there will be a cross between vertical blinds and drapery wherein a panel slide will open and close based upon a track system. When this are mounted on the ceiling, this can also be used as a divider for room. The variety of all the materials offered will be ranging from the basic vinyl to the solar screens and also the natural woven woods. Once you outfit your sliding glass doors with smashing fabric panels, it will become a panel fan.

  • Curtains and drapery

curtains in home
Installed curtains in your home

Curtains and draperies are included among the most decorative types of window treatments and both these terms are generally used interchangeably in form of full length panels of materials. Drapes will add up extreme level of personality to your home space transforming your room in a decorative form of lush velvet or breezy sheers. Apart from the decorative point of view, they also block or filter up the light and can also be lined for the thermal insulation. Hang this curtains and draperies high on to the ceiling and drape them near by the outer edges of the drapes or the window. Drape can make the room and also the window to look larger. Drape will become the perfect combination when it is paired up with another window treatment like the timeless wood blind which is an insulated cellular shade or a rustic wood shade which is woven. Drapes are considered as the dessert for the window treatments.

  • Cellular or honeycomb shades

For better insulation and energy efficiency, honeycomb shades having their little pocket of cells will keep the temperature of your home serene and moderate. All those small tiny pockets will trap the air and will help you to keep the heat out during summer and it will keep the warmth inside during winters. Honeycomb shades are available in plenty of colors and they are considered as ideal fit for most of the rooms and also the cordless options will make these great for those families having pets and kids. Bottom up and top down features are must have features for maintaining privacy level along with having the light to peep in the room.

  • Woven wood shades

Woven wood shades are basically referred as bamboo shades and are considered as a tropical décor but they are actually extremely versatile. This type of window treatment is made from renewable materials like reeds, grasses and bamboo and these are environment friendly type of window treatment. Such window treatment will bring beautiful texture into the room which cannot be compared with any other types of window treatment.

  • Roman shades

Roman shades will portray a rich image of drapery having the functions of shades which opens up and closes very easily. When they are closes, they will hang up like a panel, just like a solider and when they are folded up they will look like a valance or like a cloud. Roman shades can be seen in many types of fabrics making a huge burst of texture or colors into your room. Many different styles will be fitting flawlessly into the décor styles like family friendly styles, traditional style and even contemporary style.

  • Roller shades

Roller shades as window treatment
Roller shades for window decor

The concept of roller shade is very much simple. When they are lowered down, they will hang flat nearby the window pane and when they are raised they will roll up into a cylindrical rod. One of the pros is that there are lots and lots of fabrics available here like sheer fabric, linen fabric, and black out fabric and so on. There is pallet of different patterns available in such type of window treatment and hence you are never low on options. Today’s technology is also allowing you to print your own images and pictures and photos, design or any kind of art on the roller shade. It’s really amazing to see your own image when you let down the shade. If you are opting for any art work then make sure it matches with the interiors of your home. If you are opting for a cordless lift choice then it will avail you with even clean look. Roller shades are also budget friendly window treatment and hence if you are tight on your budget, you can definitely choose this to be installed in your home.

  • Sheer shades

In this kind of window treatment, you get the look of fabric shades with the features of a blind. They are really light weighted and quite airy and very much elegant in the looks. When they are closed, vans can be tilted and kept open to get a filtered view or they can be kept totally closed for maximum privacy. These can definitely be raised to get the full view of your beautiful backyard or garden. They are best suited in the dining room and also in your bedroom. These will give you total dark feel even in the daytime and hence your sleep is secured even in the daytime.

  • Solar shades

Solar shades are similar to that of the roller shades only; the only difference is that this window treatment is made from screen materials. If you are having a stellar view and want certain amount of outdoor light to enter into the room but want to cut the glare and have control over the UV rays which scream in from your window, solar shades are perfect for your need. They are great at filtering the sun and still your outside view is kept intact. Of course the biggest benefit is the energy efficiency. We all intend to save yup the resources of our p[planet by lowering our own personal electricity bills. Solar shades are trendy window treatment in this light obsessed world.

  • Pleated shades

One of the affordable replacements for cellular shades is pleated shades which are generally constructed with the crisp pleats which are cascading down from your window. The benefits of insulation are not going to match up with that of a cellular shade but its appearance is very much similar to that. There are certain people who object the light coming in through the holes made by the cords when the shade is lowered. To combat with that, option is also available for decreasing the level of light and no hole pleated shades are available if you want to opt for them.

  • Outdoor shades

Outdoor shades are considered to be quite innovative and are also light weighted. These window treatments are made from the solar screen materials. Outdoor shades are going to block the glairs, heat and also the damaging UV sunrays. The airy fabric will allow the wind to move through for getting cool breeze along with protecting and availing the privacy. If you are residing in a surrounding with extreme sun, you are also available with the option of mounting the outdoor shades on the outside part of the house for stopping the sun from reaching the windows and heating up your place like oven. Outdoor shades are perfect to be in installed in outdoor spaces like patio, deck, porches and such other places for getting protection from sun and also decorating the place.

  • Modern window treatment ideas

Ideas for Modern window treatment
Modern window treatment ideas

If you are having a modern home then the window treatment you want would be over your grandma’s fluff and fuss. What you are in need of would be something sophisticated, clean and understated. Contemporary window treatments are taking over those old and bring styles. Pick up a hue which is contrasting with your wall paint for starting up with your modern look. If you choose to go cordless then it will also complement with your modern factor as the look of your home is not only downplayed and sleek but also very much clutter free and safe. Cellular cordless shades are extremely clean looking. If you want some dramatic focal point then you can go for having a bit oversized geometric pattern ort any graphic pattern on any of the shades. You can try any such thing on the roman if you want to get fabric feel into your home. Having a remote control system for operating window treatment in your home will look cool and modern and will also give instant luxury feel to your home.

  • Creative window treatment ideas

The limit how creative you can be with your window treatment is the sky. You can put any of the design of your choice on your window dressing; you can put up any of the photographs or any logo or any of the artwork.  An on demand print can give you with an outlet of any of your personalized shade which depicts a memorable picture from your own photo gallery or even design any menu or logo or take any of the moment in time to view it on regular basis. If you are working on a DIY method then you can go for your own stitched drapes or roman shades or even no sew drapes. You can try adding cloth tapes, ribbons, ruffles, bows or contrasting fabric having trim which can sew together. You can also add up vintage scarves or table cloth, stencils or napkins keeping them in your favorite shape. Use your imagination to the maximum level and make your window treatment very much creative.

  • Elegant window treatment ideas

For getting any graceful look on your window, you will usually have to start up with your choice of fabric. Drapes and roman shades are of no use here. Decadent folds, softness and layers and deep is key for such types of window dressing. Oversized drapes which are hanging from floor to ceiling are basically elegant as they make your room to have high ceilings. You can add up easily shades behind your drapes for giving the layered effect. You can use various colors and textures on the layers and the elegance factor of your room will shoot up.

  • Unique window treatment ideas

It is now the right time to get out of your old and boring blinds and shade. You need to think something out of box. Try something unique with your window treatment and try the top down bottom up shades which will let you decide how much and when you want the light to sneak in from below and above the shade. For unique window treatment ideas, you can try out jabot corners, holdbacks, drapery swags or drapes with dual materials either in wide stripes or in color blocking. If you are thinking about offbeat blind path then you can go for mirrored blinds or you can try etched glass or bullet proof or leather or any other design or pattern which your heart designs. Apart from window, you can also use these things as room dividers, canopies around your bed and awnings in alcoves.

  • Kitchen window treatment ideas

Kitchen is the hub of your home. You plan so long to divert the family members to any other room or even your guest to any another room, they will ultimately get gathered in the kitchen only as it is the place where all the fun happens. Kitchen is the place where experiments keep on happening and temperature keeps on shifting from up and down. In places with extra moisture, faux wood blinds are considered to be better choice as they will not warp or fade.

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Hence we have seen plenty of types of window treatments, check out the place where you want them to be installed then pick the style of your choice and get it installed and beautify your home more.

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