How To Winterize Your Home

(Last Updated On: February 23, 2017)
Basic steps for Winterizing your home
Winterizing your home in advance

It has become a necessity to prepare your home before winter hits it. Winterizing your home is not an option it has become the pre requisite. Being lazy on the part of winterizing your home can cost you way too much. Thus for your safety and for not bearing up the destruction and the cost you have to pay for that destruction, you must put a step forward and winterize your home. Be safe, comfortable and healthy during this winter. Here are some of the tips of winterizing your home.

  • Deal with the dead tree limbs

The first step towards winterizing your home is dealing with the dead tree limbs. Most of the homeowners forget this thing. But make sure before winter hits your home, you must clear out the dead tree limbs or else it can harm your roof, siding, decks, cars and gutters. It can fall on you or any passerby and harm them. Take a round around your home and look for any hanging branches or any limb which is about to fall in the next few days the clear them out.

  • Be alert about plumbing

If cold climate is about to hit your home then one of the most important step in winterizing your home is checking out the plumbing issues. Check out that your plumbing is not vulnerable to thawing and cycles of freeze because if it is so then it can cause your pipes to burst out. If it happens there is a big disaster as it leads to water damage and encourages mold growth in your house. Thus for winterizing your home check out the supply of water to outdoor spigots, sprinkler system and swamp coolers. Also check out your draining system.

  • Seal all leaks

Have a deep look on your roof; check out if there are any missing shingles or any missing tile. Check for any gap around chimney, flues and other opening. Repeat the same process for the whole exterior of your home. If you find any of the faults call a roofer and get it fixed. If not done so, you will have to bear lots of difficulties whole winter and have to spent lots of bucks to get it done. Check the areas around your windows, foundation and doors. If you find any area where there are chances of water collection or way of water getting into your house fix it up. This is very essential tip for winterizing your home.

  • Check out your chimney

You must be using your fireplace to tackle with the cold weather during winter. If it is so then before using it makes sure your chimney is clean. Also check there is no critters in your chimney. If your chimney is not clean then clean it up or else disaster is going to happen. If you are not sure and confident about your chimney then call a chimney inspect or a chimney cleaner and clean out the excess dust and debris out of your chimney. Follow this tip and get ready for winterizing your home.

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