How to use laminated glass in your home

(Last Updated On: February 27, 2017)
laminated glass uses for your home
Installation of laminated glass at home

Laminated glass is indeed becoming much popular these days owning to the characteristic feature of this type of glass. Laminated glass is normally found by bonding two layers of glass with the help of a vinyl layer sandwiched in between the two glass layers.

The laminated glass is normally put up in the windows due to its capability of withstanding extreme pressure. Laminated glass can’t be easily broken by a single blow. You have to beat it up for several times to break it completely. This is mainly due to the vinyl layer that holds the broken glass pieces together as well. This property of laminated glass protects your house from burglars or from the destruction caused by a storm. You can also put up laminated glass on your furniture like tables, etc to protect it from fading. This is because the laminated protects almost 99% of the Ultra Violet rays and so laminated glass fitted windows keeps your room cool as well.

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