How to Use Drywall Tapes

(Last Updated On: February 27, 2017)
drywall tapes used by expert for home
Using drywall tapes for home walls

Today in new construction walls are finished using drywall tapes. Drywall consists of 8-by-4-foot sheets of variable thickness.


1. After measuring from one end of the first wall out to the last stud that’s within 8 feet, take the measurement at the middle of the edge of the stud.

2. The measurement is transferred to a piece of drywall. Mark a straight line over the piece and cut along the line with your utility knife.

3. Keep the piece against the wall, the cut side is placed toward the end of the wall and the factory edge is set along the middle of the width of the last stud using drywall screws.

4. By repeating the process hang drywall over the rest of the structure, building to the side of the first sheet, then up. Using your drywall saw cut out any holes required for electrical sockets.

5. Drywall tape is pressed over all the seams between the drywall sheets and joint compound is spread over the tape as well as each screw hole.

6. The compound should be allowed to dry for eight hours. After applying two more layers of compound, allow the last layer to dry for 12 hours.

7. Lightly sand the compound to make it smooth.

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