How to Use Bathroom Ceiling Fans for Bathroom Ventilation

(Last Updated On: March 16, 2017)
Person installing Bathroom ceiling fan
Bathroom ceiling fan installed by home owner

Have you installed bathroom ceiling fan for the purpose of ventilation? Well, it is very important for the bathroom, as ventilation is at the first priority when it comes for bathroom. Proper air circulation is necessary that is availed by installing bathroom ceiling fans. But only installing bathroom ceiling fan is not important, selecting proper size, quality and accurate design is also important. It’s advisable of selecting proper sized bathroom ceiling fan for better functions and installation. Maximizing your bathroom ceiling fan’s ventilation, offers better and effective replacement of stale air with the fresh air. Well, ceiling fans in bathroom is way more practical for the use. It helps in reducing the excessive amount of moisture present in the bathroom.

Eliminate the quantity of humidity and stale air from the bathroom. But, if you observe your bathroom ceiling fan to be used extensively and more, you should keep certain things in mind for improving the performance and the efficiency level of its working. Its functionality is simply based on the size of ceiling fan you install in your bathroom. The process of selecting a bathroom ceiling fan that is best suitable according to your bathroom might appear to be an easy task to you, but the facts states something else. As there are many important aspects to keep in mind while installing and buying bathroom ceiling fan for better option of bathroom ventilation.  Here is the list of some important factors to be considered before buying bathroom ceiling fan.

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Things to consider while buying bathroom ceiling fan:


There are many factors to be considered, but start by the amount of ventilation you need in your bathroom. The ventilation need is basically based on the existing fan, leveling of air and the size you have installed in the bathroom. Make sure to determine the amount of air you want to vent out of your bathroom.

Well, according to any home ventilating institute, there is standard formula that is applicable while buying a bathroom ceiling fan. Let’s take the example: If your bathroom size is average 8*6 foot room, the following measurements and calculation will be helpful to the home owners.

8*6 foot of square feet considers 50 square feet of area. Well, you might at least need 1 to 2 CFM per square foot. So, you might simply need a bathroom ceiling fan that functions as vents for 40 CFM. IT must contain the power of pulling off the stale air from the bathroom. And for the homes having more than 100 to 110 square feet, simply add up the number of CFM according the measurement and the size of the bathroom.

Bathroom ceiling fan buying tips
Buying tips on Bathroom ceiling fan

So, if the home owners have a larger bathroom space, it’s advisable of taking more than 15o CFM sized bathroom ceiling fan for perfect use of the space. Well, there are lot more options with the home owners, you can also install 2 to 3 fans at a time if your bathroom space is even more than you though for. This helps in taking off any excessive amount of humidity from the bathroom space.

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Well, the primary subject of installing bathroom ceiling fan is to eliminate the accumulated humidity and moisture out of the bathroom space. The best ceiling fans are those that require an exhaust system that works in moving the accumulated moisture out of the bathroom directly to the exteriors of the home. Even there are roof vents that are used for removing the humidity. Decide which ventilation system and of which size you want to install in your bathroom for getting rid of any accumulated humidity in your bathroom space.

Tips on improving the ventilation of the bathroom ceiling fan:


Here are certain things that will help you in improving the efficiency of your bathroom ceiling fan. Follow them for better usage of the ceiling fan.

It’s advisable of buying a bathroom ceiling fan that has cubic feet per minute. This rating is helpful in matching up the size of your bathroom. The ratings offer to know the actual volume of consumption while working. It is helpful in knowing the air exchange in a minute while you’re operating your bathroom ceiling fan. In fact, selecting the right type of ceiling fan for your bathroom helps in improving the efficiency and also results in lower consumption of energy bills in your home.

Even, the air ducts installed in the bathroom is helpful in increasing the efficiency and improving the stability of your bathroom ceiling fan. Proper air ducts help in improving the flow of stale air out from the bathroom. But make sure it is rigid like a smooth surface. The use of flexible ducts might turn up to bad flow of air through the bathroom.

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Improvising bathroom ceiling fan
Person Improvising bathroom ceiling fan

In fact installation of right type of air duct helps in operating the fan to its maximum limits. And when it comes for installing a flexible, let me tell you it simply results into high pressure of static and reduces the airflow from the bathroom premise.

Still, if you have installed flexible ducts in your bathroom, it’s advisable to offer a firm base of hangers and braces for making it work sturdily and straight. In fact, a good and sound duct system in the bathroom, helps in not only saving the energy consumption bills but also helps in preventing and air leaks from the bathroom space.

Another method for improving the strength of your bathroom ceiling fan is by paying proper attention to the door installed. The bathroom door should not be closed or tight. It’s advisable of keeping at least ½ an inch of opening between the space of the door and the bathroom door frames. Even the location of placing the exhaust fan should also be appropriate for eliminating the stale air out from the bathroom. It’s advisable of cleaning any accumulated dirt and debris from the surface of the exhaust fan, as it might result in contaminating the fresh air present in your bathroom. Even clean the motor, duct area and the fan’s cover for best results.

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