How To Seal Flat Roofs

(Last Updated On: February 24, 2017)
How to Seal flat roofs
Ways to Seal flat roofs

We all know that flat roofs are very much durable and are comparatively pretty much strong. But still the hard sun rays and extreme weather conditions will damage with the passage of time. For getting rid of it you can hire a roofing contractor and make a re-coat on your flat roof but might lower your funds considerably. You can speedily give a new life to your flat roof and this is not as tough as you think. You can make a use of paint roller and squeegee to get back your roof in a new and modified shape along with keeping your funds with you safe in your pocket. Thus in spite of giving this much money to the roofing contractor, you must try this out and make your flat roof better again. Your roof is indeed very important and you must take steps for its maintenance if you want your flat roof to last for long time. Thus instead of replacing your roof, taking timely precautions is advisable to make your roof durable and long lasting. Here are some of the tips to follow.

  • Check out the weather and select a day when there are no circumstances of rain at least for four to eight hours. Also make sure the temperature is above fifty five degrees Fahrenheit so that it get appropriate amount of time to cure.
  • Remove all those areas where there is ponding of water with the help of a wet or dry vacuum.
  • Have an inspection of your roof for detecting ay of the holes or tears in the seams. Fill up all the open holes, tears or seams using a caulking gun with the help of a roofers caulk. Be careful of not using the silicone caulk as the rubber coating is not able to adhere with the silicone.
  • Remove all the old silicone caulking materials and also the asphalt patches with the help of using a scraper. Refill all those seams and patches with a bead of roofers caulk. Don’t forget to apply self adhesive butyl roofing to each and every tear or seam which appears to be very large for the caulk.
  • Clean up the roof by sweeping away all the branches, leaves, debris with the help of a push broom.
  • Use a mildewcide cleaner to all the mold and mildew. After that clean up the roof with the soapy water. Scrub away all the dirt with the help of stiff bristled, long handled brush. Clean up the roof with clean water and let the roof to dry up completely.
  • Mix up the liquid coating of rubber roof as per the instructions along with using electric drill and an attachment of mixer.
  • Insert a short nap cover of roller on a paint roller along with a extension pole on the paint roller for extending the reach of the roller.
  • After doing that pour the liquid rubber mixture n the roof. Spread the mixture evenly and smoothly on the roof with equal pressure.
  • Now let that coating dry for the time suggested by the manufacturer.
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