How to Replace Kitchen and Bathroom Faucet

(Last Updated On: March 20, 2017)
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Replacing kitchen faucet process

Is it the perfect time for updating your kitchen and bathroom faucet? If your observe it simply dripping, you can replace the seals and the washers installed. Are your worried about how you’ll replace the whole thing? Well, there’s nothing to worry about because it is not much difficult as you’re thinking of. The process of replacing kitchen and bathroom faucet is pretty much straightforward and easy, specifically if availed with right type of tools and materials. Here are the steps of replacing kitchen and bathroom faucet with the new one. Follow them for enjoying brand new installation of kitchen and bathroom faucet in your home.

Process of replacing kitchen and bathroom faucet:


  • Start the process by inspecting the sink installed in your kitchen. It’s advisable to check the openings that how many are the openings in the faucet and how far apart they are. For better understanding, it’s advisable to check and look underneath for being perfectly sure. While changing or replacing the bathroom faucet, the two handles may be joined with the faucet or can be spread far from each other. This information and details are necessary for selecting the correct replacing unit for your bathroom and kitchen.
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    You probably might be using the faucet for a longer period of time, so it’s advisable of investing in a good quality faucet that can last for a longer period of time. Well, you can spend approximately 50 to 500$ for purchasing a perfectly suitable replacement for your kitchen and bathroom faucet.

  • While purchasing your faucet, read the reviews and description. Make sure that it is suitable for your sink or not. Decide on yourself of how much and what amount you’re paying and for what quality you’re paying. Also consider the designing style and the fancy pattern that you’re paying for. Don’t forget to watch for its fancy features that are offered by the manufacturers. Start the process of installing kitchen and bathroom faucet by reading the instructions stated on its manual.
  • The manual will help you from the details to the installation process in a precise and easy manner. It’s advisable of referring to the manufacturer’s instructions whenever in doubt rather than asking some help from elsewhere. Whenever planning for replacing a kitchen and bathroom faucet, make sure you do consider buying a basin wrench. It is very important to buy the tool because it is helpful in fixing up the things you want to have in your bathroom and kitchen. It’s advisable of buying a basin wrench that comes under 20 to 30$.
  • This tool is simply used and designed for reaching way up behind the sink for removing the nuts installation on each of the side of the faucet. The nuts are installed and fixed for holding the faucet on its place. If you’re unable to lose the nuts by your hands or by using the tools which you have in your hand, you can simply make the use of basin wrench for removing off the nuts.
  • While proceeding further with the process of replacing the kitchen and bathroom faucet, it’s advisable of removing off and taking everything off which is stored beneath the sink. As we all have the habit of storing things down the side of the sink. Make sure, nothing comes your way while performing the process of replacing kitchen and bathroom faucet.
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    Make sure you’re having plenty amount of light under your sink while performing the process. This is important because it will help you in watching for any obstruction that comes up in your way while the process. Make the use of drop light or arrange any portable lamp for getting rid of darkness under your sink.

  • Start the process of replacing the facet but turning off the water supply of the faucet. You will observe two supply line of water, one if coming towards the out and the other is going to the faucet. Well, there should be a valve on each of the one, one should be for the cold water and the other should be for the hot one. It’s advisable for turning both of these valves off for not letting any water flow from the faucet installed.
  • For turning them off, use clockwise direction so that it can turn off. Now, it’s the time for loosening the tube nut for lifting the tube away. Make sure to clean the tube because water might come out of each of the tube, so you might need a towel or a cloth for soaking up the water. If you observe the faucet supply lines to be old, it is the perfect time for replacing the same.
  • When you replace the faucet, replace the supply lines too because you might not get another chance of replacing the entire unit again. And if you’re not replacing the supply lines, then you simply need to take off the top tube for disconnecting it. At the end, remove the huge nuts that are actually holding the faucet on its place. This is where you might again need a basin wrench. There might be three or four nuts that you need to remove.
  • Now lift the old faucet and the tube attached out of the sink. Make sure you examine and observe the tube thoroughly. If you observe the tube to be damaging, take the old one to the store for replacing it with the exact new one. But, make sure you clean it well before placing it to its place. Remove any water deposit that might obstruct your way ahead.
  • Fix the faucet back to its place and assemble each and every part of it. You might also need something that can seal the joint completely. You can make the use of putty for placing it and installing it in the form of seal. And place the other parts of the faucet back to its place. Seal it tightly so that you don’t face any damaging effects like leaking and scrapped. At the end clean the area around the faucet and here you go with a streak free and brand new installation of faucet in your kitchen and bathroom.
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