How to Replace a Damaged Glass Window

(Last Updated On: February 20, 2017)
Damaged glass window
Damaged glass window at home

Knowing that how to properly replace and remove the damaged glass window helps in not only saving your time but money too. Replacing a damaged glass window is not much difficult; you just need to watch out for the accurate knowledge and proper skill and techniques for completing the project of replacing your damaged glass window. If you’re thinking of simply replacing the damaged one by inserting the new one, it’s not so easy dear!! Well, this article will help you in teaching, how to replace a damaged glass window, add up the glass, finishing touch, and also replacing the glass of the windows.


Damaged glass window replacement:

Start by removing the damaged glass:

Putty knife used on window frames
Putty knife used for peeling the old putty

For simply removing the damaged pane of glass, start by removing the putty applied in order to remove the damaged glass. Next is top remove the old putty from the window frame by making the use of a wooden chisel, jack knife or a putty knife. It’s advisable of removing each and every trace of the putty applied on the window frames.

Even, if you find that your window pane isn’t the huge one, it’s advisable of using the protective gloves for covering your hands while removing   putty from the window frames. After the damaged glass window is removed, place it safely on a flat surface. Remove the broken pieces of glass with safety. Wearing gloves helps in protecting your hands from cutting. And among the simplest way of removing the broken pieces of glass is by taking it off one at a time.

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Remove any leftover putty:

It’s advisable of using heating agent for softening the putty in stubborn areas. Make the use of a blow dryer and run it on the areas where the putty is applied. Use chisel along with it for removing the putty from the wooden frame of your windows. Using this way helps in removing off the putty easily. While, there might be situation that some of the putty is extremely difficult for removing due to the glazier’s joints attached. Basically, they are small metal triangles that are attached into the panes under the putty solution.

It works for holding the glass of the window on its place. Once you’ve completed with the process of removing the glazier’s pints and the putty, make the use of pointed section of the wooden chisel for smoothening any rough section of the window.

Oil up the older frames:

If you’re planning of replacing the window glass in the older one, make the use a small paint brush for applying a heavy coat of oil in all the sections of your wooden window frames. It’s advisable of allowing the oil for completely soaking in, before you’re proceeding further with replacing the damaged glass window. Oiling the parts of the window frames is important because it helps in increasing the life of the putty that is used for holding the window panes on its place. It’s good if you’re using linseed oil for applying on the sections.

Oiling the frames of the window helps in preventing the putty from drying of getting evaporated too quickly. If you’re applying the oil before proceeding further, it allows better pliable and helps in lasting for a longer period of time.

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Apply new layer of putty:

Next is to apply a little and thin layer of putty surrounding your window frames where you’re going to place the window glass. It’s advisable of ensuring that the base layer of the putty is not too thick. The thin layer of the putty helps in providing a cushion structure for the glass to be get inserted completely.

Thin layer of putty helps in preventing the air from leaking around the glass and helps in buffering the glass and the wooden frames. And if the putty is too thick, it leads in smudges, swelling and can easily be visible on the periphery of the window pane. It might also damage the visibility and the clarity of the glass installed.

Start by installing new glass to the window:

Person preparing glass Window
Glass Window installed by a person

Make sure that the replacement glass is of the right size. It’s advisable of cutting the glass by making the use of a glass cutter. Frankly speaking, you should make sure that the window pane should be little less in size than the area where it’s to be installed. Insert the new window glass in it and press it firmly for fixing it.

Make the use of your second hand for placing the glaziers in the window pane for holding the glass on its place. Make sure you’re making perfect balance while performing it because it might lead in damaging your new glass too.

Minimal amount of pressure should only be applied for fixing it on its place. It’s advisable of having a friend while performing this step. A helping hand is far better for this work.

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Make the use of glazier’s points:

Now, lay done the glazier’s points on the flat surface against the glass window. Start by inserting them in to the wooden frame by using a putty knife. You can also use a glazing tool for inserting the glazier’s points.

Prepare the putty for mounting it in:

The consistency of the putty to be mounted in the wooden frame should be thick and dry dough. It should not be too thick because it won’t stick up in the wooden frames. Fore knowing the right consistency of the putty, press a small piece of glass into the putty prepared and you can easily check the consistency.

Study the actual implementation and decide where you want to place the putty. Make sure to apply the best way of mounting putty. It should actually place in such a way that can cover the glazier’s points. Hold the glass firmly for some while for placing the exact situation of your glass window. Finish up the installation of glass window by applying the final touch to the windows. Even, you can pant the putty with the color suitable to your window frames. It helps in increasing the beauty of your home.

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