How To Protect Your Wooden Fence

(Last Updated On: February 23, 2017)
Protect your wooden fence
tips to protect your wooden fence

Wood is very sensitive material. By far wood is the most glamorous material. Among various types of materials for fencing, wood is the most beautiful. But you want the best thing; you also need to pay the high price. Thus wood fence is but obvious very beautiful but still it is very expensive and pricey. The beauty which wood fencing offers is not available in any other kind of fence. But will be as it is after years have passed? That’s the real question. After investing so much, when you don’t get long lasting thing you would definitely get upset. But having your wood fence to last longer, you need to protect your wooden fence. After years have passed and your fence is exposed to sun and rain, its beauty will be faded and thus it’s essential to protect your wooden fence from such factors.

As discussed earlier it is important to protect your wooden fence, and for doing so you need to treat in an appropriate way. An untreated wooden fence is prone to damage which can be caused by wind, fungus and microorganisms. Thus it is pre requisite to protect your wooden fence from these factors. For protecting your wooden fence, you can restore a new dingy appearance on your old fence. This will change the appearance and will be a good step in protecting your wooden fence.

You can also do some of the maintenance work yourself. Here are some of the easy steps for protecting your wooden fence.

  • Place a plastic tarp near the wooden fence over the plants. While doing so put on long pants with long sleeve shirts and also work gloves and goggle. This will protect your body while you are doing this work. This is first step in protecting your wooden fence.
  • Start cleaning the wooden fence with water with the help of a power washer. Make sure to use a power washer which supplies 1500 to 2000 pounds per square inch of pressure. It should feature 15 to 25 degree spray tips. Make sure to have a distance of 18 inch from the fence and start washing the fence with power washer. Clean both sides of the fence properly and then let the fence dry properly.
  • Have a casual inspection for finding any damaged areas and missing boards if any. Repair, mend or replace any broken boards. Repair those boards which are broken or cracked with waterproof wood glue. This is really effective for protecting your wooden fence.
  • Have an oil stain test on certain areas of the fence for checking the finished color of the product. Repeat the oils stain if you think it is necessary. Apply a light and thin layer of oil on all the portions wooden fence with the help of a medium nap paint roller on the larger portions and a paint brush on the small parts and edges.
  • Let the first coat of oil dry for at least 24 hours then apply the second coat of oil for good finish. By doing so you can protect your wooden fence.
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