How to Preserve Laminate Floors

(Last Updated On: February 21, 2017)
constructed Laminate Floors
People standing on Laminate Floors

Laminate floors are more susceptible to scuff stains, dents, scratches and other types of problems that might cause server damage to the laminate floors. Laminate floors are highly affected with heavy traffic. It also gets affected when any chair or other furniture are moved from the flooring on regular basis. While in some situation, toenails of pets or humid weather can also become the cause of damaging the laminate floors. But there’s nothing to worry about, because there are many different things available that helps in preserving your laminate floors. You can use it for better protection. Flooring stuffs such as pads, rugs and carpet helps in protecting them. But proper maintenance is needed for better preservation of your laminate floors. The stated steps will help you in identifying the exact process of preserving your laminate floors.

Process of preserving laminate floors:

Preventing the effects of scratches by placing carpets and rugs:

Start by placing pads at the bottom surface:

You can easily protect your laminate floors by placing pads. We all are known to it, furniture tends to slightly move across the floor in daily use. It’s not in our control, because intentionally or unintentionally it happens.

For this, make the use of pads. Pads are placed beneath the furniture for preventing the laminate floors from getting scratched or scrap. There are different types of materials used in making pads. You can select according to your wish. Cane, carpet, felt and plastic are certain examples of flooring pads that can be used for placing on the bottom surface.

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You can easily make an access over the flooring pads from a general or home improvement store. But, there are features should be considered while buying the pads for your laminate floors. Go for such type of flooring pad which consist of adhesive on a side, so that it can stick to the bottom surface of the furniture when placed.

It’s important to keep an eye and check the flooring pads regularly, because it might be needed to replace due to damaged felt on the pads. It’s natural due to daily and regular use of it.

Place the rugs or carpet on your laminate floors:

Carpets placed on laminate floors
Carpet laminate floors

For avoiding the problem of Lanes, placing the carpets of rugs is beneficial. It helps in avoiding the situation. Even placing the rugs under the furniture is also advisable. It helps in reducing the possibility scratches and scraping on your floors. Carpets and rugs both acts resistant towards your laminate floors, so you can go for placing any of them.

Even rugs can also be placed in the areas which are likely to be damaged through water. You can also place it under the kitchen sink. It’s advisable of placing rubber on the pads, this will help in not slipping off when the rug or the carpet is facing heavy foot traffic. It helps in preventing from sliding.

Welcome Matts at the entry point of your door:

When it comes for preserving the laminate floors, sand, pebbles and dirt from the shoes are one of the reasons for damaging your floors. For preventing the scratching from happening, place the welcome Matts for protecting it. It will help your family, you and other people visiting your home for wiping off their shoes before entering the home.

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You can also place the Matts at different areas at your home, which are likely possible of being scratched or scrapped. Home owners can also plan for making some rules that helps in enforcing people visiting your home. Shoes would be removed outside the home premise for not damaging the laminate floors installed.

Plastic carters should be replaced with rubber wheels:

Chairs are considered the most often moved furniture in the home. Especially those chairs situated at desk or kitchen. For not letting your laminate floors damaged, take off the plastic casters installed in the chairs. Replace it with the rubble wheels. It helps in preventing dents and scratches on your floors. It also helps in preventing damaging effects on the floor.

It’s advisable of buying soft base rubber wheels, because it helps in protecting your floor. You can easily buy it online from different hardware websites. You can also purchase it from a general or a home improvement store.

How to treat the floor:

  • Laminate Floors cleaning
    Cleaning Laminate Floors

    When it’s the question of maintaining laminate floors, it’s advisable of not dragging your furniture. Instead of that you should carry it for placing it the different side. Lifting the furniture will help in preventing scuff marks that can be caused due to dragging off the chairs.

  • If you feel that the furniture is too heavy, it’s advisable of not lifting it on your own. Ask for the help from any of your family member or friend.
  • If you face difficulties in lifting up your furniture, you can try to move it by slipping it. Place the plastic sheets or disc on the padding on the bottom surface of the furniture. Slide it up on the other end, and here you go without damaging your laminate floors.
  • You can also place disc on the bottom surface. It helps in sliding off the heavy furniture with ease. Even the use of soft blanket, cloth or towels can also be made by placing it underneath the furniture instead of plastic discs.
  • You can also take the help of your family members of lifting up heavy furniture for placing the plastic discs underneath it.
  • If you’ve pets at your home, it’s advisable of trimming off the nails of your pet for not going with extra damage on the laminate floors. Also go checking the pet’s paws when they enter the home. Remove the gravel and dirt from the paws and clean them properly.
  • When heading forward, it’s advisable of not using wet mopping. Because laminate floors are likely to get damage of the water rest for more time. Clean the surface of the floors by using dry mop of broom for clearing up the dirt and dust you observe on the surface of the floor.
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