How to Polish and Maintain a Concrete Floor

(Last Updated On: February 20, 2017)
Image of constructed Concrete floor
Concrete floor constructed image

A concrete floor helps in making for spectacular finish in the outdoors as well the indoors. And for keeping your concrete floors looking the best, it’s advisable of cleaning it regularly and polishing it occasionally should be performed. In addition for making your concrete floor surface looking great, an accurate polishing regimen helps in extending the longevity and durability of your concrete floors. Well, for effectively applying polishing ingredients on your concrete floors, you’ll need to work on the floor following the stated stages, using different textures and disks. Follow the steps for enjoying the most out of the polishing effects applied on your concrete floors.

Concrete floor polishing:

  • Person Polishing the concrete floor
    Concrete floors Polished y a home owner

    Start by cleaning your concrete floors before you apply the polishing agent. Make the use of a broom for sweeping off any accumulated debris or dirt from the surface. It’s advisable of gathering everything for accumulating the dust like a vacuum or a dust pan.

  • Fill up the bucket with water and make the use of a mop. Add mild dish washing detergent to the water. Mop up the surface of your concrete floors as to clean any residue of dirt from the surface. Even, mild stains would be removed if cleaned by a mop. It’s advisable of drying the surface of the floor before you start polishing it.
  • There are different types of polishing ingredients available like coarse grit polishing disk, or fine grit. You can make the use of coarse grit polishing disk for polishing the surface of your concrete floors.
  • Start by covering one section or corner of the floor and work on systematically. Coarse grit polishing disk works efficiently for removing the stubborn stains and get rid of the rough surface of your floor. It’s advisable of using a circular motion for applying the polish ion the surface.
  • Pay proper attention to the stains so that you get rid of them as fast as possible, But don’t forget to avoid the overlaps as you proceed further in applying the polish. Even, you can switch over to fine grit polishing agent for polishing the surface of your concrete floors. Use circular motion for working over the entire surface.
  • Again, make sure you’re avoiding the overlapping activity. Any residual stains should be lifted up while applying the polish. The surface of your concrete floor should look neat and clean as all the rough sections and the stains are cleared by applying fine grit and coarse grit polish.
  • And for the final touch on your concrete floor, make the use of a polishing disk accompanied with the finest grit, for making the surface work best for your home. It will offer your concrete floor a glass sheen and nice touch. Well, at this stage, any stubborn stains or blemish should be removed, so that it results into a beautiful finish.
  • In this stage, you’ll need to overlap the polish. Make sure you’re working it in a circular motion and also to overlap the circles while proceeding further. Make the use of a floor grinder for applying the polish over the entire surface of the floor.
  • Trust me, you concrete floor is now looking the way you exactly imagined of. There are certain cautious instructions should be followed by the home owners. Follow the instructions stated on the floor grinder and the polishing agents before you head towards applying them.

Tips on maintaining your polished concrete floors:

Two person maintaining the Concrete floor
Concrete floor cleaned by two people

Polished concrete floors helps in offering stylish and patterned design. You just need to apply the minimal maintenance, but this type of flooring helps in continuing the best look for you coming future years. Here are the simple tips for the most efficient cleaning and maintaining your polished concrete floors.

  • Seal the polish on your concrete floors by maintaining it easily. When you‘ve your first polished floor mounted, it’s advisable of sealing the surface. There are different chemical sealants available, apply the sealant on the surface for reducing the porosity of your concrete floor and for also making it less likely to get affected by staining from regular use.
  • A sealed concrete floor helps in offering better cleaning surface with ease. And it easily deals with the accidents as they occur on the surface of your concrete floors. It’s advisable of sweeping and cleaning your concrete floors regularly. The glossy charm of your polished concrete floors might get dull over the time if the dust particles or debris are allowed to rest on the surface.
  • Even, make the use of vacuum cleaner for removing the dust and dirt from the surface. But make sure that the vacuum is eligible for the use over your polished floors. There are different vacuum cleaners designed for specifically soft cleaning process. Make sure that you’re using it for better cleaning project.
  • Clean up the stains and the spills from the surface of your concrete floors. As accident happens, it might be possible that you polished concrete floors might meet up with stains and spills. And if your polished concrete floors are sealed completely, there are fewer chances of the spills to get permanent.
  • Anything spilled on the surface of your floor should be quickly cleaned up by using an absorbent and clean cloth. It’s advisable of not spreading this spill anymore while cleaning them. As it might leave permanent marks on other areas on your floor too. Make the use of PH neutralizers and detergents and the mixture of water for cleaning the stains off the surface.
  • But, if the stains are difficult to remove, you can make the use of solution consisting bleach and water. Apply it on the stubborn stains and let it rest for 2 to 3 minutes. Remove it off right away and clean the area completely by making the use of clean cloth and water.
  • Remove the everyday dirt and debris buildup from the surface by mopping the floor. Let the floor dry completely. It’s advisable, not to apply wax on your concrete floors. It might lead in dulling the glossy and shining effects of your concrete floors.
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