How to Perform Truss Racking?

(Last Updated On: December 30, 2016)
Roofing contractors working to install truss racking
Contractors installing Truss Racking on roof of the home

Construction of truss racking is mainly done on top of the truss using wood or steel.

According to the definition given by the Tennessee Department of Transportation a truss consists of individual members performing together as a unit. The construction of the roof includes the truss and the racking is the extra storage area.

Racking on a truss is an extra storage area which is situated on the roof useful for storage. Wood or steel can be used for the construction of racking.


Racking is mainly constructed for the purpose of storage of items. Steel racking store is mainly used to store heavy items such as machines by business people, homeowners use the additional space for household items that are not in regular use.


The shape of the truss decides the racking size. Racking constructed on a wide arch-type truss is larger in size as compared to racking built on a narrow triangular-shaped truss.

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