How To Paint Your Rubber Roof

(Last Updated On: February 20, 2017)
Rubber roof paint
Painting rubber roof

Rubber roof is something which has to be in good and experienced hands when it comes to installation. But however after installation, the care and maintenance is in your hands. If you want your rubber roof to last for a long period of time, you need to care for your rubber roof in good manner. One of the essential things you can do for caring your rubber roof is to paint it. When the thing is about painting your rubber roof, you cannot go for any normal paint. If you choose any normal paint while painting your rubber roof, it will crack or bubble due to the exposure of elements within a period of one year only. If you are not sure of the exact amount of issues that you are going through then it’s advisable to call some of the paint companies or roofing companies for getting their opinion and advice. You can even go for calling more than one person so that you can get estimates about the price from different people and you don t get cheated while painting your rubber roof. Also ask the details about the type of paint needed to paint your rubber roof. Once you have the exact knowledge about the materials, you can get your work done more smoothly and easily. Here is an easy and simple process for painting your rubber roof. First of all let’s have a list of rubber roof painting tools.

  • Mop
  • Paint
  • Broom
  • Ladder
  • Warm water
  • Paint mask
  • Big paint roller
  • Paint clothes
  • Tiny hand held paint roller
  • Urethane elastomer
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Collect these things before you start with the project of panting your rubber roof and then go on with the job. Here are the steps for pain ting your rubber roof.

  • Pick the day carefully

You can take the project of painting your rubber roof at any random day. Painting is such a project which should be undertaken on a selective day only as each day is not meant for it. Basically the days which are very humid must be avoided for painting your rubber roof. You should also not take the painting job on cloudy day as well, chances of rain is there which can spoil your paint. See the weather forecast before you initiate the work of painting your rubber roof as it will help you to keep track on the chances of rain. The paint needs minimum time period of 24 hours to dry and hence it is very much essential that there is no rain for 24 hours after you are done painting.

  • Make the area ready for painting

cleaning your rubber roof
Cleaning roof before paint

The basic step for painting rubber roof is that you must clean only those areas which are clean and dry. Hence before you go for painting your rubber roof, you must clean it properly and remove the debris from there if any. Take a broom and start sweeping your floor. Sweep your floor entirely and then let it dry properly. Make sure you are not taking this cleaning job on a windy day, if you do so your work will go in vain. If you have a huge roof and cleaning and painting your rubber roof altogether seems to be difficult you can divide them into sections and then go for painting. You can select a part of the roof, clean it well and then go for painting it., then take another portion and repeat the same process. If you spent an entire day in cleaning your roof and if something happens another day which stops you from painting your rubber roof then you have to do all the work on a whole again which can be really upsetting. The area will not be clean any longer and hence it is advisable to divide the roof into sections and then go for cleaning and ultimately painting.

  • Choose rubber roof paint type

Selecting paint color
Choosing paint color

The general acrylic paint will lead to cracking very easily and hence you cannot for applying that on your rubber roof. For painting your rubber roof, you need to buy urethane elastomer coating as it would be perfect for the type of roof you want to paint. There are plenty of color options also to choose from. This will not only work as a layer of color but will also work as layer of sealant application. If possible go for choosing light colors as they will reflect the sun and keep your home cool and your energy bills low. There are certain rubber roof paint types which needs to be shaken properly before application while some them have a need to stir paint before painting.

  • Finally apply the paint

Once you are done with cleaning, choosing paint type, it’s finally the day for painting your roof. You will need a paint roller for this. Pick one end of the roof to start with. While painting your rubber roof, paint the area from up and down slides and put strokes in that way. While painting your rubber roof, make sure to apply even and thin coats. Painting your rubber roof is same as that of painting the walls of your home. Go on with painting from one corner to another in straight manner. Repeat the same process with the entire roof. After you are done with the job, take a round around your roof to see there is no section left on your roof. While painting your rubber roof, don’t trap up yourself in a corner as you don’t want to come to exit by leaving your footprints on the area that you have just painted. Let the paint properly for 24 hours and make sure to not to walk on it till that. Climb the ladder and apply the paint to those areas where you cannot reach without ladder. Take the small roller brush for painting this particular area. After 24 hours, apply another coat of paint and then you re finally done with painting your rubber roof.

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