How To Paint Your Bathroom

(Last Updated On: February 24, 2017)
painting your bathroom creatively
painting your bathroom appropriately

Having a perfect bathroom with perfect faucet, shower and bathroom décor things is not just enough. It will give you a great impact when combined with the perfect paint and enriching your bathroom with desired colors. Are you planning to paint your bathroom? If yes then there must be lots of thoughts crossing your mind as to which color to choose for painting your bathroom or how to paint your bathroom or which tips to be taken into consideration while painting your bathroom. You must have got plethora of suggestions and that can confuse you even more.  This article will act as a guide on how to paint your bathroom.

  • Select a paint finish

It is advisable choose a semi gloss finish for your bathroom walls. Going for semi gloss finish will help your bathroom to combat the most common issues this busy space face of moisture and cleaning. It is also beneficial in a high humidity climate. Make use of high qualitative paints in your bathroom so that the beauty of the finish applied in your bathroom is maintained. Make use of Valspar as it is stain and mildew resistant and it will maintain the lustrous semi gloss sheen of your bathroom paint. If you are on a DIY project of painting your bathroom, then semi gloss finish is highly recommendable for you.

  • Planning

Bathroom, being a small space if you are thinking that painting your bathroom is simple and take it for granted then don’t think so, plan for it properly and then start your job. Select the appropriate clothes for painting your bathroom. Select such which you mind getti8ng paint and you don’t want them to wear them again. Wear old jeans and useless t-shirt. After the job is done successfully, then forget to reward yourself and those who helped you in the job. Get yourself cleaned properly and order a pizza and enjoy after completion of the ultimate work of painting your bathroom.

  • Clear the room

Before initiating the job of painting your bathroom, you must clear out the room or else it will all be covered with paint. Take off the clothes from bathroom and shift it somewhere else, take the soap and shampoo and other stuff out from bathroom. If there are any decorative accessories or any hardware then remove it for the time being. If there are any cabinet door or electrical outlet, remove and keep in mind to keep the screw and other such things together. Cover the handles and faucets and other fixtures with plastic bag so that paint does not ruin them.

  • Protect floors and woodwork

It would become extremely difficult to clean the floor once paint got stuck there. Thus cover the floor with damp clothes or newspaper or plastic bags. Lay these clothes close to each other and don’t leave any space uncovered. If there is any woodwork in your bathroom, then make sure to cover that also otherwise the beauty which woodwork adds to your bathroom will be vanished after it gets dirty with paint.

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