How to Paint the Exterior of a Home

(Last Updated On: February 21, 2017)
Person Painting the exteriors
Painting the exteriors of the home

Few features make an immediate visual impact like a painting the exteriors of the home. Superbly applied paint depicts your pride at your home and helps in defining your personalities and prerequisites. The process of painting the exteriors is very easy, which will help you in taking your project of painting the exteriors ahead.

Process of painting the exteriors:

Start preparing your surface:

You might be tempted to get straight away with the process of painting the exteriors, but diligent preparation work is critical for obtaining a professional looking finish. According to the research it is proved that 90 percentage of good painting is having a good surface.

Before starting the process of painting the exteriors of your home with a stucco exterior, let the stucco cure for at least 27 days. It is advisable of letting it dry because the paint will not adhere accurately to the uncured stucco and it might appear dusty and chalky.

But if you are in a hurry of painting the exteriors, here’s the tip to go with. Keep the stucco wet by just spraying it by using a hose. If it’s washed on a daily basis, it can cure in a week to 10 days. This tip was for new home owners who have purchased a new home.

But if you’re painting the exteriors of old home or repainting it, inspecting the exterior walls of the home is very important. Trim for peeling, chipping and other imperfections that you notice on the walls. It is advisable of killing off the accumulated mildew, by using a chlorine bleach mixture with a garden sprayer.

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Then pressure clean the entire walls of the exteriors, for removing the old paint and dirt that has come off loose.

Patch and caulk:

Before you start painting the exterior walls by using a paint roller, grab a tube of caulk. It is important for the home owners to seal the cracks, as well as the joints in the walls where different types of material meet others.

This includes:

  • Door frames
  • fascia boards
  • molding frames
  • window frames

If you find that the old stucco surface has pits or chips, it is advisable of patching them with new stucco. You should allow the stucco for enough time to cure. Replace the fascia board or the wood siding that indicates the signs of rotting. Gently sand the doors and wood trims, for ensuring an ideal surface for painting the exteriors.

Prime it:

To get the most out of your painting project, it is recommended of priming the walls withy better quality sealer. Sealer has high resin content. That is applied over the Old paints, lock each and everything on its place and offers in creating an accurate surface for applying new paint on the walls. If you planning of repainting the walls that has become dusty and chalky, use the option of a chalky wall sealer on the exterior walls of the home.

As for the new construction, latex primer works best for most of the wood and vinyl siding. And if you are working with stucco that is not entirely cured, applying a hot stucco primer is advisable. This sidesteps are the waiting period, that allows the surface to accept and adhere the paint as soon as the primer is dry. Its best, however it is advisable of letting the stucco cure for the recommended period of time. It is important to check the label on the sealer or the primer, to determine how much time to wait before your start painting the exteriors.

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Choose quality paint for the exteriors:

Good quality paint is always 100 percentage of acrylic latex. The formula mainly consists of three important components:

  • Binders: It helps in holding the pigment to the walls
  • Solvents: That helps in spreading the paint entirely.
  • Pigments: It provides the color to the walls

As the paint gets dry, the solvent starts evaporating and leaves behind only the binders and pigments. These are generally known as the volume solids. Higher quality paints are higher in volume solids. They might also have better binders that help in holding the paint on its place for longer period. It helps in improving the durability.

Pick up the color with curb appeal:

Person coloring the exteriors
Coloring the exteriors

The decision of selecting the color might be overwhelming because there are so many choices available. If you are not sure from where to start, it is advisable of spending some time driving around your neighborhood for observing different shades of colors. Remember that vibrant colors will fade sooner than the muted ones.

Select a paint that suits and complements your roofing method and stone or brick accents. If you are facing trouble deciding between two different shades, paint a sample on either of the sections of the walls. Observe the results during different times of day and night for seeing which one of best suitable.

Roll and spray the paint:

The ideal way of painting the exteriors of the home is called back-rolling and spraying methods. It requires two people; one is used for spraying evenly and quickly across the surface and the other person to follow behind, running a roller over the paint which has just been sprayed. It offers an even finish, particularly on the textured surfaces of the walls.

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For protecting your windows, it is advisable of covering them by using plastic before you start spraying the walls. You can also use a sprayer with shield.

Final finish:

The last step is to go for painting the doors, molding, fascia, shutters and other decorative details. The best tool for perfect finish is a good brush and a steady hand. For saving better time you can use six inch hot dog rollers, to get the paint on a quicker basis. But remember, there are no shortcuts for a professional finish. You need to put in the time for getting the best results. Depending on your weather, you need to put in the time for enjoying the best results of painting your exteriors of the home.

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