How to Paint Ceiling

(Last Updated On: February 20, 2017)
Lady painting a Ceiling
Ceiling painted by a woman

Home owners are often caught by busy in painting their home interiors, the exteriors and decorating the home indifferent trends of fashion. Painting other things are so important that painting the ceiling if often overlooked.  If you’re thinking that ceiling won’t offer an impact to your interiors then let me tell you, painting your ceiling offers an overall dramatic ambience. It helps in increasing the lighting features and the outlook of your home.

Painting your walls beautifully notably helps in carrying the eyes to a different level of decoration and color, but painting a ceiling offers a tone for the character and helps in comforting your home in the way you and your loved ones want. But, trust me, painting the ceiling are among the difficult task of painting as compared to the walls. But if took care prudently and applying discerning touch to your ceiling helps in making this project work well for you! Follow the steps of painting your ceiling and enjoy your scenic work at your home.

Ways of Painting your ceiling:

Know the exact time of calling your contractor:

If your ceiling is textured with different patterns and designs, it’s advisable of calling for contractor for enjoying the best results. An acoustic ceiling, which is better known as knock down ceiling or popcorn ceiling, is advisable of painting it by using spray materials and ingredients.

For painting ceiling like this, it’s best advisable of calling for a professional contractor who is licensed for this type of job. If you’re having a drywall ceiling at your home and if you observe that it is in need of repair, it’s advisable of hiring a drywall contractor who is expertise in his job for the same.

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Hire a drywall contractor for repairing your ceiling before you head ahead for painting it. Ask your drywall contractor for skimming a coat for smoothening the surface of your ceiling. Adjusting the coat of drywall before you head forward for painting it helps in making your ceiling look sparkling and even glisten it up after you applying the paint coat on your drywall ceiling.

Time to prepare your ceiling for painting:

Roller used for painting the ceiling
Ceiling painted by using a roller

Stock up the supplies and the materials that are needed while performing the process of painting your ceiling. When you’re painting the ceiling it’s advisable of using a thick nap roller adding an extension pole. Don’t use paint brush, make the use of a roller. The rollers helps in ensuring a smooth layer of paint on the ceiling without obstructing from bubble or bumps.

In addition to these, you would need:

  • A liner and a paint tray
  • Ladder
  • A putty knife and spackle for creating holes in the ceiling.
  • Caulking gun for filling the cracks in the corners of the ceiling
  • For covering the edges, a wall brush.

Now it’s the time to select the color you want to paint on your ceilings. Most of the ceiling are textured and painted while because of their features like making the room look bigger, its reflective quality, and for a neat and clean look.

Even, you can make the use of different shades of white particularly you want to apply on your ceiling. In fact make sure the color you select should match up with the color of your walls. If planning of applying the standard white color, it might pay off something with a rich look. It’s also advisable of preferring mellow shades of white.

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Even, you can paint your ceiling by painting it with flat paint. It’s the best type of paint for ceiling because it helps in offering a smoother viscosity. It helps hiding in any imperfection observe on your ceiling.

Start by preparing your room for painting your ceiling. Remove the furniture away. Try to remove as much of furniture away for not disturbing your work. Well, it might not be possible if your furniture is too heavy in weight because they are not easily transportable to any other room. If you find yourself stuck in that situation, just go ahead by draping it with the help of plastic.

It will help in protecting your furniture from dripping paint. It’s advisable of laying thick and useless cloth on the surface of your floor. Don’t forget to protect your windows, floorboards and sills by using plastic drape for covering them.

When it comes for protecting the edges of the walls, make the use of painter’s tape for masking the area and the edges where the walls meet your ceiling. If you’re planning of painting your walls after painting your ceiling, there’s no need of sticking the painter’s tape as you’re going to paint the walls ahead.

Priming the walls is very important because priming helps in ensuring that you’ll only need a simple coat on your ceiling. Applying a primer helps in sticking the paint on the ceiling and also absorbs the paint on your ceiling like sponge absorbing water.

For bets application of paint on your ceiling, it’s advisable of mixing the stain blockers in it. Stain blockers helps in covering up the slightly seen stains on the ceiling like watermarks, nicotine, and smoke.

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Paint your ceiling:

Person Painting the ceiling
Ceiling Painted by a home owner

If you feel appropriate and necessary, cut off the edges of the paint brush slightly for matching up the angles of painting your ceiling. If you’re covering the edges with the painter’s tape, its okay, but if you’re not, then it’s advisable of cutting off the sides of the brush while you painting.

For painting the middle section of your ceiling, make the use of a roller with added extensions. The extensions help in covering the area accurately with no sides remaining. It’s advisable of using a single direction for painting. Either use W or V for painting. Make sure you maintain your letter while painting.

It helps in applying the paint in an accurate direction without looking over rated. Never lay too much of pressure on your roller, it might lead in dripping of excessive paint that you observe on your roller. Paint the entire area of ceiling and enjoy a well painting ceiling at your home.

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