How to Paint a Popcorn Ceiling

(Last Updated On: February 21, 2017)
Person spraying a Popcorn Ceiling
Popcorn Ceiling painted by a home owners

Painting a ceiling is one of the inexpensive ways of blighting up the room. If you have installed a popcorn ceiling, though, the texture might make you think twice before painting it. But if you prepare the process of painting a popcorn ceiling in a right way and know the proper techniques for painting it, it’s a fairly easy home improvement task. That means you can now enjoy and have the popcorn ceiling looking like new in say for no time. Follow the steps for painting a popcorn ceiling in a perfect way.




Process of painting a popcorn ceiling:

Prepare the room:

Removing the Sofa
Two people removing the furniture

One of the best way for painting a popcorn ceiling, you will be needed to know that it’s ever been painted before or not. A popcorn ceiling that hasn’t been painted previously is usually found water soluble. If you paint the ceiling by using a roller, the ceiling might absorb the moisture from the paint and the texture can easily come off the roller. It is advisable of testing your ceiling water solubility. Spar a small and unnoticeable spot with water.

If you find that your popcorn ceiling hasn’t been painted before, make the use of spray gun for painting it. Painting a ceiling means that there can sometimes be drips, so it is advisable of protecting your furniture. If the furniture or the items are larger in size and difficult to move, cover it with the plastic sheets or useless cloths for keeping the paint off.

For the fixtures on the walls, it is best to remove the light fixtures before you start painting the popcorn ceiling. But if you can’t, make sure to cover them completely with masking paper and painter’s tape. You are also needed to cover the walls including the fans, windows, doors and vents by using a plastic sheet. Don’t forget to make an extremely tight seal at the point where the ceiling meets wall by using a painter’s tape.

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A tight seal is especially important if you are taking the process by spraying the ceiling. It is okay to go with a looser seal when you are rolling the paint. It is recommended to wear a right type of safety gear. Before you move ahead for painting your popcorn ceiling, make sure that you are assisted with proper safety equipment for protecting yourself. When you’re working on a ceiling, it’s very easy for paint, debris and other materials to fall on your face. It is advisable of always wearing a dust mask and safety eye glasses.

Once the room is properly covered, it’s important to seal and repair any damages to the ceiling before you start painting it. Spraying acoustic textures work best on the areas of damage that ranges from 16 by 16 inches or less. Now get the paint ready for painting your popcorn ceiling.

Get the paint ready:

While planning of painting a popcorn ceiling, it’s advisable of painting with a matte or flat finished paint. It is one of the best options because it won’t draw attention to any areas having uneven textures. If the ceiling of the room that attracts humidity, such as kitchen and bathroom, a semi-gloss paint or satin paint sounds usually as one of the best option. It ids advisable using high and good quality paint as you can afford.

White is the basic and traditional paint color applied on the ceiling because it helps in keeping the focus on the walls. It also helps in brightening the space and offers a bigger look to a lower ceiling. Using darker shade might be a good option for those ceiling with height. It helps in giving an imposing effect to the room.

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Start spraying the ceiling:

An airless paint sprayer is one of the best ways of painting a popcorn ceiling. Because it fans the paint out in the form of droplets that helps in evenly covering the surface of the ceiling. When you’re working on a ceiling, you want to select a model that has a suction set and a portable paint reservoir instead of a usual paint jar.

Using the right tip on the paint sprayer is the key for a successful painting application. Use a thin cardboard while painting. When you spray the cardboard, make sure that the pattern of the spray is intact without any breaks.

It is advisable of spraying the paint in one direction. Step up on the ladder so you can easily reach to the upper most surface of the ceiling. Now spray the paint onto the ceiling in a single direction, moving ahead in a steady direction. Let the first coat dry for some time and then after apply the second coat of paint by spraying it accurately.

While applying the coat the second time, it is recommended of moving the sprayer in opposite directions. Allow the paint to dry for approximately two to three hours before applying the second coat.

Use a roller:

Roller used for painting
Roller used with an extension pole

For the best paint application on the popcorn ceiling, use a roller. Use a roller head with thick enough textures for really absorbing the paint and smooth it on the ceiling. You can also make the use of roller extension pole if you are unable to paint it directly. Make sure that the extension pole is long enough for easily and comfortably reaching the top surface of the ceiling.

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It is important and is a better option of using a bucket instead of tray while painting with a roller. A 5 gallon of bucket is good to use because it have the capacity of holding more paint and you won’t have the bend as far to load the roller. It helps in working efficiently and quickly.

Remember to remove the excess of paint you observe on the ceiling after applying the paint through a roller. While beginning the process of painting, start from the corners and went off towards the middle part of the ceiling. It will help you in evenly spreading and applying the paint on your popcorn ceiling.

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