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(Last Updated On: February 24, 2017)
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Closet is such a thing which you take into use daily and is such a thing which if not organized properly you don’t like to use it. It’s not only the problem of any individual person of having a messy cupboard and having to deal with that cupboard on a regular base. But there is solution to this issue. Here are some of the tips to get your cupboard organized so that you don’t to waste your finding a single thing for an hour. An organized cupboard gives satisfaction, peace and saves lots of time.



  • Sort your clothes

It is a general thing to store many of clothes altogether. At the end of the day we don’t realize how many damp clothes you have collected which you don’t even use. So first take all of your clothes out from all of your hangers, drawers, shelf and the other entire place where you store.

  • Decide which clothes you will keep

See all your clothes and decide which clothes are useful and you wear them on regular basis and which clothes are not used by you. Collect all the clothes which are seasonal or which are not wore on regular base and put them on side. Now fold the remaining clothes and make a pile and set them in your closet in a proper manner. By doing so your closet will look organized by removing excess stock and keeping the one which is used on regular basis. It’s very important that before keeping clothes in the closet, you must clean the closet from inside and then place the clothes in closet. Like this your closet will look clean and clothes will also be clean.

  • Organize clothes in closet

You can hang your clothes in the closet to make it look good and it’s also comfortable for you to take them out and place them in. hanging clothes is not just enough, you should also hang them in proper manner. You can organize clothes in closet either by season pattern o\r you can also organize your clothes by the type of clothes. You can separate your tops and shirts and hang them on one side of the closet and on the other side you can hang pants and skirts. Apart from this you can also your clothes by how often you wear it.

  • Organize your shoes

Your shoes take up lot of space in your closet. If you cannot reduce the quantity of your shoes you can at least keep in an organized manner which will give you added space in your closet. You can keep your shoes on the overhead shelf in your closet. As the middle part of your closet is filled with the important and regular stuff, you can keep your shoes in the upper shelf of closet. You can also store them in your closet by their type. You can keep dress shoes on one side, sandals on other side and boots on third side. By this you can pick them up easily whenever needed. If you can install a special shoe rack in your closet it will be the best possible thing you can do to organize your closet.

  • Make your closet look visually more beautiful

You should not only focus on adjusting your stuff in your closet you should pay equal attention on making it look visually appealing. For making it look visually beautiful you can try out painting your closet with attractive and bright colors. You can even add mirrors to your closet for giving it touch of sparkle. Hanging jewelry and scarves will also look visually good. You can also try out hanging any painting or poster of your choice on the door of your closet.

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