How to Organize Bathroom

(Last Updated On: February 20, 2017)
Bathroom organization
Bathroom organising tips

Okay, yea I don’t have a degree in organizing a bathroom but I am pretty much confident about the things which I know. And according to me, bathroom is a room in home that hardly comprise of any storage space. No matter how bug your bathroom would be, you’re always going to need a better storage organization for it. There are many ways of organizing a bathroom and even adding storage spaces to it. Just few tips on organizing the bathroom and here you go with a drastic yet beautiful change that is functional as well as different too for your bathroom.


Ideas on organizing a bathroom:

  • Bathroom is a place where we need each and every thing for getting ready or for something else. Master the mess for better instance on organizing the bathroom. With the jumble of makeup towel, medicines and many more of stuffs, your bathroom hardly offers a relaxing gets ready routine for you.
  • For getting things on its place, start by a deep cleaning process of the vanities and the cabinets installed in the bathroom. Streamline the supplies in a better way for organizing them. Shed up the unused and expired stuffs aside for making new space for useable and useful things. Instead of packing things in bulky store boxes, pack them in easy in and out bags and baskets.
  • And for the everyday useful stuffs like soap, shampoo and toothbrushes, leave them on the countertops. Even add some outfits to the cabinets and the countertops by hanging handy holder. Add door rack for hanging the towels and other accessories or can even make the use of bottle for storing the bathroom accessories.
  • Those things which are important for daily use in bathroom should be placed to easy reach while having shower. If your shower doesn’t have any build in shelve, make the use of a hanging organizer for your bathroom. Hanging organizer consist of shampoo, soap and many other things on the shower rod. There are many benefits of persuading this step ahead. Bonus is, you won’t face any accumulated mold and mildew in the bathroom and the place won’t get perched by the leaks of the product.
  • Basically your windowsills and the sides of the tubs won’t get messier any more. Are you fond of bar tending trend? Well, grab that style in your bathroom while organizing your bathroom. Let your delicates and towel dry on their own without even getting displayed.
  • An easy hack to it is by installing an inexpensive towel rod with the combination of shower curtain. You can simply drip and dry any of your small items directly into the tub and take it off. Hang it up on the rod and get a wet free décor easily for your bathroom.
  • Organize bathroom Drawers
    Bathroom Drawers organization

    Generalize and make different sections of the drawers of your vanity. Implement the rule of divide and conquer. Make the process of beautification a breezing process by limiting the tops section of the drawers with the product you make the use more frequently. Drawers helps in simplifying your way easier like diving your morning make up stuffs in a different drawer so that is the only drawer to choose when in a rush.

  • Even placing certain things like lotion and shampoos over the door helps in getting it reach easily without disturbing in the middle. Don’t forget to place a bin around your commode, it will help you in not making it less messier.
  • Play a situation namely, toss vs. keep. There are many things in the bathroom that are rather kept for either extreme use of for no use at all. Distinguish between the things which you use or you’re going to use.
  • Keep only those hair accessories which are working and are pretty much functional. Select a transparent box for storing the things like hair clips, bobby pins and rubber bands. Toss up those unused things which occupy extra space in your bathroom.
  • Throw away the expired medicines, which are ineffective and definitely dangerous. It’s advisable of checking the expiry date before you take into consider. Toss off the basket filled with different candles and things. It is nothing but offer the accumulation of dust in your bathroom.
  • When it comes for adding tons of storage place in your bathroom, a cabinet or a cupboard with sliding doors is a perfect combination for your bathroom. Installing shallow cabinets helps in minimizing the storage space. Even you can add up the charm by adding a glass container in your bathroom.
  • Store the things in it, it helps in identifying where the things have actually stored. Shed off the extra things that occupy more space in your bathroom. Stick to fewer number of the things to be stored. It will help you in planning out better version of your bathroom.
  • Even hanging the cabinets high up on the walls of the bathroom sounds different and spacious for the home owners. Customize it yourself and make it the exact way you want to design. Place a stylish or customized storage bin for keeping the extras like towel, bathroom reading and toilet papers. The bin can be of any material you want. Add up a spice by getting your customized storage bin to your bathroom.
  • Different Labels attached in the bathroom
    Labels on bathroom accessories

    Confused of where to store the hot property in your bathroom? Organize your bathroom by adding a pocket organizer for keeping the hot property safe and away from getting hurt or burn. The storage organizer is cheap in price and easily available in the market.

  • A glass bowl is an ideal idea for storing the cotton swabs. It will help in displaying it that will help you in knowing the reaming quantity for the same. Even, if planning of hanging all the things? Go for it. Hang it all, as hanging doesn’t require tools or storage appliance in the bathroom.
  • Add up labels top small storage things like label the drawers of thing stored in, label the bobby pin container or the cotton swaps for easily identifying the things you kept while organizing your bathroom.
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